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Weekly Shopping Trip

Thursday, February 26, 2009 |
This week there isn't much on sale to get real excited about. I only bought 5 star items and decided to take the rest of my budget and go shopping at Walgreen's. Here is what I walked away with this week.

4 Ronzoni Bistro Meals
1 box super soft pretzels
4 Hawaiian Frozen Juices
1 California Pizza
1 package Marshmallows
1 box 50 glad storage freezer bags
2 boxes Nabisco Saltines
1 dozen large eggs
3 chicken noodle soups
1 Cesar salad kit
1 package cupcake liners (not on sale this week)

Spent 15.23
Saved 38.42
This comes out to be less that .75 cents an item (not last weeks sale, but I'll take it!)

2 Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergents 2.99 (for both it was B1G1F+2.00 coupon x2)
1 Reynolds Aluminum Foil .89
2 12 packs of Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper 4.98
1 pack of 16 Energizer Batteries 5.99 (these weren't a great sale item, but I had to get them anyway!)

Spent 14.18
Saved 43.26

Total Spent this week $29.41
Saved $81.68

This week wasn't wonderful, but not bad either. It definitely showed me how much I hate buying things for full price! It really is super important to stock up when an item goes on sale.

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