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A&W Restaurant Coupon

Saturday, October 10, 2009 | | 1 comments

Here is a coupon for .50 off a Shake or Polar Swirl at A&W
Thanks She Shops Smart reader, Jacquie for finding this coupon!

Coupon Inserts in the Newspaper

This sounds totally crazy, but this is how I feel every Sunday morning when the newspaper comes:Like a child on Christmas morning! I can hardly wait to see my coupons each Sunday! My husband always teases me that it is the one morning he sees me actually JUMP out of bed. I am totally not a morning person, but Sunday morning's I love ripping open that paper, finding the coupons and putting Sunday's date on them. I flip through them, look at the coupons, file them away and wait for them to go on sale. It is the best.
If you need to order your paper so you can get your Sunday coupons today is the last day to order to insure delivery for next week. All you neeed to do is send us an e-mail with the area you live in and we can tell you the least expensive paper in your area. To read more about the HOT deal we can get you on the newspaper check out our deal here.

Nature Valley Giveaway Winner!

We have randomly chose a winner for the Nature Valley Giveaway!Our winner is .....
"jarnett said...
I love all the adventures and peace anyone rich or poor, athletic or not, can have in nature."

Congratulations! Please e-mail us to we can get your prize to you courtesy of Blog Spark.

Thank you everyone for entering in our giveaway! We wish we could make everyone winners! Be on the lookout for our next giveaway in a couple days!

Herbal Essence Freebie

Friday, October 9, 2009 | | 3 comments
Become a fan of Herbal Essences on Facebook here. After you become a fan go to their wall and there is a link that will take you to a form that you fill out so you can get a coupon in the mail for FREE 12oz shampoo or conditioner.

Here is their message on facebook:
" It's almost time! Here's the link for when the giveaway starts at 11:30pm EST. It'll automatically turn into the coupon registration page at that time. Remember, we are giving away 18,750 coupons (good for full sized products up to 12oz) per 24 hour period from 10/8-10/12. Enjoy and thanks for your support!

To get to the link add Herbal Essences as a friend on facebook, and since your there if you haven't already be sure to add She Shops Smart too!

They planned on starting this giveaway last week, but ran into some tech issues. I have been hesitant to tell you about it in case it didn't work, but last night around 11 pm I was able to get my coupon.

Good Luck! Let us know if you score one!

MEGA Swag Bucks

A few weeks ago I shared with you about a new way to search the internet called Swagbucks. You get paid in "swag bucks" to search the internet the same way you already search for things. After you earn your swagbucks you can redeem them for gift cards and other prizes from the swag store. You can read my post about swagbucks here for all the details.

As if it was already sweet enough to get rewarded for doing something you are already doing, how about having a MEGA swag buck day!

"Every Friday, Swagbucks gives you a chance to win huge, gargantuan, oodles, tons of....Mega Swag Bucks with your searches. From 3 to 100 Swag Bucks, we give away up to 10,000 Swag Bucks in Mega Bills every Friday!"
Taken from Swag Bucks official blog

So, make sure on Friday's you do some MEGA searching to win MEGA swag bucks! This morning my first search earned me 5 swag bucks! Good Luck!

If you don't already have Swag Bucks go here to sign up. After you sign up check your e-mail and they will let you start searching!

Tombstone Pizza-"The Pizza that Pays"

Tombstone Pizza helps pay your bills! Click here to go to the site. You can get up to $15 credit on your utility bill. I love pizza, and getting money back for buying it sounds awesome! The part I really love about this deal is that it will be sticking around until 1/15/10! This means you can wait till it is on sale for a red hot price! If you still have some in the freezer from the last sale then make sure you save the info you need to send in! Now, are you wondering how you re going to keep track of the UPC you will need to send in? Tori posted about a great way to keep track of the UPCs that you would need for deals such as this in a post here.

Old Navy Weekly

Last night Old Navy Weekly reset and I managed to find a 25% off my entire purchase coupon.
Wondering what Old Navy Weekly is?
It is a part of Old Navy's website were you can "hunt" for weekly coupons.

  • To get to Old Navy weekly go to Old Navy's website and there is a link near the top in yellow and blue that says Old Navy's Weekly Deals. If you click on that it will take to you a page where it says start hunting click on it, or you can get there by going to
  • You need to click around and figure out where the coupons are hidden.
    At the top there is a coupon counter that tells you what coupons are still available.
  • Unfortunately, it is like a game, so you never know when the coupons will be reset, but when they are the coupons go like hot cakes. I mean literally no more than 10 min. Sometimes the coupons can be hard to find too! It really is a task to get them, but when you score a $75 off $100 coupon it is worth it!
  • They use to reset themselves on Thursdays and then they moved it to Sunday's, but as of right now I believe they are resetting Thursday evening again and occasional times through out the week.
  • You can read about some of my crazy all night experiences trying to find the coupons here.

I know we use to update this weekly and then we stopped. I think I had scored some of the "big" coupons so many times I felt like my families wardrobe was complete! The other day as it dropped to 60 degrees and I went to pull out the warmer clothes I realized it was time to start hunting for those coupons again! My kids need some new warm clothes and I need to start putting away some X-Mas gifts =)
It was the best feeling at summer time when I went in and bought a $100 worth of clothes, handed the checker my $75-$60 off $100 purchases and my bill came between $25 and $40. It is the easiest way to save money on clothes.

This week when you check out their website you can see where I found the coupons, but like I said the big ones where already gone by time I logged on:

  • $75 off $100 - There are 3 mugs pictured at the bottom - click on the blue mug and then the pink mug for the $75
  • $50 off $100- Move the "birthday issue" ad (bottom right) to the pink birthday bag (bottom middle)
  • $10 off $50 - Click the large cupcake (under "15 and fantastic) 15 times for the coupon to pop up
  • 25% off entire purchase - Click on the shirt of the boy wearing the red pullover (top middle) and the picture of the boy wearing the orange shirt (middle picture w/2 kids) - they will swap colors and the coupon will pop up.
  • 15% off when you buy the item of the week - Click the "15" on the birthday cake (middle picture with the girl in red vest)
  • 10% off entire purchase- Move the birthday hat (on girl far left in purple) to the guy in yellow and white striped shirt's head (top middle)
  • Thanks to Thriftynorthwestmom for the hiding spots!
Good Luck and my only advice it so check often. If you find the coupons reset make a comment! I will be sure to update if the coupons reset sometime later this week.

Coupons for DVDS

At Sony's Staycation website you can choose a retail store ( Best Buy or Target were in our area) and a $2 off a Staycation DVD or $3 off a staycation BluRay disc coupon will come up. Below the 2 coupons are a list of about a dozen different titles that the coupon is good on at each retail store. The coupon expires 10/31/09.

I looked online at a few of the prices on the DVDS at Target and here they are. I am not sure if the prices vary from online, but I imagine they are close. Especially when they say stores only.

  • Little Women : $7.50 (stores only)
  • Madeline: $5.00 (stores only)
  • Pink Panther: $7.50 wide screen (in stores only)
  • Annie: $9.00 (in stores only) special anniversary edition full screen and restored
  • My Best Friends Wedding: $7.50 (stores only)
  • Hitch $7.50 (stores only)
  • Matilda: $4.75 on sale in store this week only (WOW only $2.75 to buy after coupon)

If you used a $2 off coupon that would make a GREAT deal on a new DVD. While I was at Target I also noticed a lot of other titles were on sale for $4.75. They were up at the front near the registers. I haven't checked the above prices myself, but I figured that they are worth checking out if you go. When you get back let us know what you were able to find!
Be sure to check out the Best Buy titles as well.

B1G1 Free for EGGS! Hurry offer for first 20,000

Take The Pledge
Join America’s egg farmers in a commitment to living more healthfully and giving back to the community. For every pledge made, we will donate one egg to Feeding America – up to one million eggs! That’s in addition to the 12 million eggs donated annually. Pledging is easy. Simply provide your name, email and zip code, and “sign” the pledge by checking the box. That’s it!

After you submit your pledge if you are on of the first 20,000 a link to your buy one dozen eggs get another dozen free will be available. The coupon expires 12/31/09.
Thanks to Moneysavingmom!

Happy FREE EGG Friday!

New Poll-VOTE!

Thursday, October 8, 2009 | | 0 comments

Did you check out the new poll on the blog? It's in the upper left hand corner if you missed it! This week share with us your favorite place to grocery shop! This will help give us an idea of what stores our readers prefer so we can help find unadvertised deals in those stores, plan our menus around the places where the majority of our readers shop and it can help those that are new to She Shops Smart see where people save the most money! So go and VOTE!

B1G1 Free Ruby Tuesday Sunday Brunch

Ruby Tuesday is offering a buy one get one FREE coupon when you purchase a four course brunch entree. Expires 10/25/09.
Click here to get your coupon.

Venom Energy Drink Coupons

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 | | 1 comments
Venom Energy drinks are at Kmart for $1.59.
Here is a coupon for B1G1 FREE and another coupon for $1/1.
This will make a GREAT deal.
I haven't been able to find these yet, but I haven't checked Kmart so I am glad I know where to use them now.

Whats for Dinner and How to Organize your Recipes

What is for dinner tonight?

Apple Chicken
Recipe from Vocal Point
1 chicken (3 1/2 lb), quartered and skinned (reserve wings and giblets for another use)
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
2 med tart apples, cored and chopped
1/2 cup roughly chopped dried apple rings
1/4 cup apple juice
2 Tbsp reduced-sodium soy sauce
2 Tbsp honey
Preheat oven to 350ºF.Place chicken pieces in a 13" × 9" baking dish or casserole, and season with cinnamon, nutmeg, and pepper. Sprinkle fresh and dried apple pieces on top. In a cup, stir together apple juice, soy sauce, and honey, and pour evenly over chicken.Cover with foil and bake 30 minutes. Uncover, spoon sauce over chicken, and bake 15 minutes longer, or until a thermometer inserted in thickest part registers 170°F and juices run clear. Serve chicken with apples and pan juice.
Makes 4 servings
I am going to tweak the recipe a little and using chicken breast and throw it into my crock pot. Yummy!

Do you ever wonder how to keep all the recipes that you find organized? At least once a week I run into a new recipe that I print off and file away. I use the term file loosely =). Most times I end up printing it off and shoving it on top of the recipe shelf in my closet. You should see how unorganized I am. It seems like finding a recipe when I want to make it is impossible. Not to mention they fact that if I try to grab one, the whole stack falls down on me.

Here are a few solutions I have found in helping me keep my recipes organized:

  • Shutterfly's Photo books. Each year at Christmas time we give one to our parents with all the years events documented and photographed. Let me tell you, it is no easy task. The book usually ends up being 100 pages. One of these years I am going to get around to making one for myself. This year when I started working on them I noticed they have a recipe photo book. The idea is excellent. The only problem I saw with it is what would I do with all the NEW recipes I want to add to it. My hubby suggested making a new "volume" every year. Good idea! I also thought this would make a GREAT gift for families who enjoy sharing recipes. Have everyone submit a couple favorites in each category and you have a nice family gift.

  • Another great program I found was EZ recipes. It is an application that lets you search for, and save recipes. It Comes pre-loaded with dozens of recipes. You can also import your own favorite recipes. You can download the software for FREE right now. As you find new recipes you can type them into your account. You can add pictures to your recipes, nutritional info, where you found the recipe and notes to each one. After you put them into your account you can eventually search by ingredient, meal type, serving size, and recipe name. It is super easy to use and it will eliminate all the crazy piles I have of loose recipes. Now when I find one I will add it to my account and rate it. No more printing of recipes and wondering where I found it or where I left it =). * Note- When you download the FREE application, here, be sure to skip all "extra" offers they list. The first time hit agree, then hit decline at the bottom until you reach the last page.
I am excited to get organized. It must be an organizing kind of day. Do you have another way to organize your recipes. Share them! We would love to hear all the ways you keep organized!

Nature Valley Nut Clusters Giveaway

Have you had a chance to try the new Nature Valley Nut Clusters! They are soooooo good!

Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters are a bite size blend of 100% natural ingredients that include select roasted nuts, whole grain oats and a touch of honey – a wholesome and delicious pick-me-up any time of the day. If you love nuts, you’ll enjoy this flavorful little snack featuring the perfect combination of sweet & salty flavors paired with a crunchy texture that you can see and taste. And with the first unique cluster-shaped granola packaged in a handy re-sealable pouch, it’s perfect for sharing on the trails or in your living room!
New Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters come in four easy-to-crave flavors:

Nut Lovers,
Roasted Almond,
Roasted Cashew and
Honey Roasted Peanut.

My family and I loved the Nut Lovers package that BlogSpark sent for us to try! They were the perfect snack while we were up the canyon taking family pictures this weekend. My family and I ate the entire bag and wanted more. It's rare that we all find a snack we agree on!

Now since I have made you all hungry =) lets have a GIVEAWAY today! BlogSpark is letting me give ONE She Shops Smart reader a Nature Valley Prize pack that includes:
  • All four (4) varieties of the Granola Nut Clusters
  • A sling backpack,
  • A stainless steel water bottle
  • A flashlight
  • And binoculars

To can enter this giveaway up to (3) times by doing one or all of the following:

  • Comment with what your favorite part of nature is. "I love how quiet nature is"
  • Become a follower of She Shops Smart by doing one or all of the following: Add us as a Friend on Facebook, Become a Google Follower or Add our Button to Your Blog. Comment and tell us how you became a follower. If you are already a follower you can comment with; "Follower on facebook, blog, etc."
  • Tell a friend about She Shops Smart and this giveaway. You can comment with. "Told a friend"

Be sure to make a separate comment for each one that you do! We will close the giveaway on Friday, October 9th at 11:30pm. We will announce our winner on Saturday! Good Luck!

Organize Random Coupons, Rebates, Rain Checks and More

Many of you have e-mailed me over the last couple weeks and have asked me what I think about using the binder method. I PROMISE I am getting close to sharing with you my opinions. I wanted to have used my binder enough times to tell you how I feel about it. In the meantime I still LOVE the file folder method, but lots of you wonder how on earth to keep track of rain checks, rebate form and receipts, box tops and more. Karrie at a FistfulofCoupons shows a BRILLIANT idea on how she keeps her stuff together =).

"Who knew a shoe organizer could be so much fun. I even have my incoming Bills put in the top pocket! I feel so organized now. Here are the item pockets I have currently in there.

1 Incoming Bills
2Mail In Rebate Forms found various places
3 Rainchecks I am not quite ready to use
4 Coke Points caps and codes
5 Hair Cut Cards & Coupons
6 Craft store & Joanns coupons plus Formula Checks
7 All the Pizza and restaurant coupons sent to me
8 Box Tops for Education
8 Cereal tokens and forms
9 Various UPCs I want to keep for who knows when? lol.
10 Albertsons free bread receipt surveys."

Thanks Karrie for sharing your idea!

This would make keeping all your "EXTRAS" organized. Adjust the pockets to meet your needs and organize away! Do you have a method that works great for you? Share it with us! We love to see how you keep all your stuff together!

Meal Planning

To read how I plan my meals click here.
This week I am planning my list around Albertson's list. They are having a HOT promo on Quaker products this week, so don't forget to stock up! I also didn't notice a ton of produce on sale so if you need some you might want to head over to your favorite place to get produce. I am just planning on using the produce I have on hand and the produce I have canned from my garden.

Homemade hash browns, toast and fruit
Yogurt, cinnamon toast and granola bars
Cereal, Banana and Apple Juice
French Toast, eggs and juice
Hot coco, Oatmeal and Orange
Cheesecake Pancakes and milk

Red Baron Pizza singles
Peanut Butter and Jelly, Graham crackers and cheese
Grilled Cheese and Top Ramen
Chicken Nuggets, Carrots and sweet potato fries
Chinese Chicken Salad and crackers
Lunchables at Play date

Roast, rosemary potatos and rolls
Stuffed Chicken Breasts, green beans and rice
Apple Chicken and bread sticks
Chili and baked potatos
Homemade chicken noodle Soup and Sandwiches
Homemade Pizzas (choose your own toppings)

granola bars
Soft pretzels and cheese
Halloween Jello Jigglers

Brownies and Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip Pie
Carmel Apples
Carmel Popcorn

Skippy Peanut Butter and Charlie Brown DVD

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 | | 7 comments
This week at Target Skippy Peanut Butter is on sale for $1.79.
Use this $1/1 Target coupon AND....
.75/2 coupon from RP 10/4 AND.....
You'll end up with peanut butter for .41 WYB2 (when you buy 2)!
Thanks to Krazy Coupon Lady for this deal!

This deal would work GREAT for the $3 rebate on Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin DVD post I made here.

HURRY- Request your Kraftmaid FREE kitchen idea book

Get a FREE KraftMaid Idea Book on kitchens, baths, home office, entertainment centers, bedrooms, laundry rooms and more. This book has INCREDIBLE ideas in it! It always inspires some new project for me. It doesn't last long, so HURRY and request your FREE copy! Click on the picture below and then at the top click on
"request idea book".

* Update- This offer is no longer available! Wow that was fast wasn't it! Hopefully you were able to get yours.

Free Lemon Ice at Fazoli's

Get a FREE Lemon Ice at Fazoli's, here, with any adult entree purchase. Expires 11/5/09.

Where to Buy Snow White DVD

Today is the release date for Snow White! The best places I have seen to buy the DVD is at Walmart for $19.96 or Toys R Us for $19.99.

  • Use the $10 off coupon we printed off here.
  • The $5 Mail in Rebate I talked about here.
  • And wait, another $5 rebate here! This rebate will accept photocopies of your receipt, so you could participate in BOTH mail in rebates.

This will bring the cost of the DVD down to......FREE by time all is said and done! How exciting is that. Who would have thought by using coupons you could get Snow White for FREE! Now the only question is do I wait to use it as a gift at Christmas or break it open tonight for movie night? What are you doing with yours?

* Update- Both rebates do require a Proof of Purchase tab from the movie. On the other Disney movies I have purchased there are 4 Proof of purchase tabs on each movie. They are right above the UPC bar code. If Snow White is the same you will be able to participate in both rebates.

*Another Update 10/7- I purchased my copy last night and there are (2) proof of purchase tabs for the movie =). You can participate in both rebates.

Free Redbox Code

Monday, October 5, 2009 | | 0 comments
Today is the first Monday of the month, so you know what that means..... FREE Redbox Monday! Today's FREE code is
QNGJ7KD Happy Movie Watching!

Free Bagel Poppers

Print this coupon off and take it into Einstein Bagels for FREE Poppers with any beverage purchase! Expires 10/14/09. The new Pumpkin Bagel Poppers look to die for!

HOT Coupons for Around Town

Sunday, October 4, 2009 | | 2 comments
The 2010 Entertainment Book is now available!The Entertainment Book is FULL of coupons to local restaurants, retail stores, and attractions in your area.
There is a book available in EVERY ONE'S AREA, not just Utah. Just enter in your zip code here to check out coupons are in the book in your area.
In Utah there is over $16,200 in coupons and they are coupons for places that my family and I visit ALL the time!
Here are some of the coupons I am excited to use:
  • $5 off a $15 Purchase at TGI Friday's
  • A FREE Longboard ice cream at Cost Vida (A favorite for me)
  • 10% off your entire purchase at Downeast Outfitters (Another favorite)
  • A FREE day of parking at Airport Diamond Parking
  • A 2 for 1 admission to an BYU athletic event
  • A 20% off any regular admission to Color Me Mine
  • 20% off any regular priced purchase at the Fabric Mill
  • A 2 for 1 Menu item at A TON of malls food courts
  • $5 off a signature oil change at Jiffy Lube
  • 2 for 1 admission to Jumpin Jacks

And so many more coupons to places like Cold Stone Creamery, Golf Courses, Los Hermanos, Living Planet Aquarium, Mrs, Fields, Magelby's Fresh, Mulligans, Pita Pit, Rocky Mountain Pizza, Seven Peaks, This is the Place Heritage Park, and MUCH more. Check out all the coupons in the book by clicking on the A-Z index after you choose your location.

The cost of the book is $35.00, but for a while they are running a HOT gift card promo! When you buy a book you get a $25 restaurant gift card AND FREE shipping!
That is a steal of a deal! Don't wait for this one, because the promo won't last forever.

I also checked out some of the other coupons for other areas and was BLOWN away. We are planning an upcoming vacation to Hawaii (of course with all the money I saved on groceries wink) and bought a book of coupons for that area. I couldn't believe the high value coupons they were offering for the places we were already planning on visiting! We also spend a lot of time visiting my parents out of state and we bought a book for near them too!

This would make a GREAT gift for family members too. We are giving all our brothers and sisters one for Christmas! If you do buy multiple books be sure to buy them each separately so you can get your gift cards. As I was checking out they also asked me if I would like to auto renew my book for next year and I choose not to. Make sure to not accidentally check the box unless you plan on it.
I am getting giddy already and can't wait to get my book!
Click here to get yours.

Coupons in your Sunday Paper

Hello Everyone! Here are the coupons that were in the paper today.

1 Smart Source Insert
1 Red Plum Insert
1 General Mills Insert
To read about how the Red Plum coupons are distributed click here!
To start your newspaper right away, learn about the awesome newspaper deal we can get you here.
*If you ordered the paper and you didn't receive your paper or didn't get the correct number of papers please call the newspaper company first and let them know. Their numbers are on the left side of the blog.
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