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Friday Swag Bucks Post

Friday, January 8, 2010 | | 0 comments

Search & Win

A couple months ago I shared with you about a new way to search the internet called Swagbucks. You get paid in "swag bucks" to search the internet the same way you already search for things. After you earn your swagbucks you can redeem them for gift cards and other prizes from the swag store. You can read my post about swagbucks here for all the details.

As if it was already sweet enough to get rewarded for doing something you are already doing, how about having a MEGA swag buck day!

"Every Friday, Swagbucks gives you a chance to win huge, gargantuan, oodles, tons of....Mega Swag Bucks with your searches. From 3 to 100 Swag Bucks, we give away up to 10,000 Swag Bucks in Mega Bills every Friday!"
Taken from Swag Bucks official blog

So, make sure on Friday's you do some MEGA searching to win MEGA swag bucks! Be sure to check out our Swag Bucks tips here.
If you don't already have Swag Bucks go here to sign up. After you sign up check your e-mail and they will let you start searching!
Check out the SwagBuck store and share with us what you are saving up for! I can't believe how fast my account is growing!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Thursday, January 7, 2010 | | 0 comments

"Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"

If you were thinking of picking up this movie for your kids there is a coupon and a rebate available to make it a great price.

For the $3 off coupon- click here

The $4 Rebate from Ronzoni- click here

We have had it reported that Toys R Us has this show for  $14.99. This one turns into a good deal after the coupon and rebate! 

A Lot for Less

This week's A Lot for Less is from She Shops Smart reader Cindy! Cindy was at a class of mine last month and this was her very FIRST time shopping with coupons after my class! I would say she is an A+ student! Way to go Cindy!
  • "I wanted to share with you photos of my first trip using this coupon system. It was quite an adventure, people were commenting on my cart while I was shopping, it was pretty funny. I really did have super full cart! Then I got to the checkout and I started sweating I was so nervous. I was thinking what if this didn’t work, there is no way I could afford all this, so I had a plan of running out of the store in case it didn’t work."
Well Cindy, it looks like it worked out great for you! Thanks for sharing this with us and showing those newbies out there how easy and successful shopping with coupons can be!
Total: $398
Paid: $154
Saved $244
2 6packs of quilted northern toilet paper
2 ALL detergents
2 Snuggle fabric softeners
2 Krusteaz pancake mix
4 Del Monte canned tomatoes
2 Kroger Honey Bear bottles
4 Kroger Gravy Mix packages
2 V8 Fusion Juice
2 Welch’s Juice
8 cans of chili
2 boxes of Swiss miss hot chocolate
3 lbs of gala apples
4 bottles of Langers apple juice
4 boxes of Giradelli brownie mix
2 gallons of skim milk
1 gallon of 2% milk
3 ½ gals of chocolate milk
2 4 packs of dannon yogurt
3 Avocados
2 Dole salad bags
Tbone steak
3 loafs of smiths bread, wheat
4 bags of Ore Ida Fries
3 Stoufers entrees
7 Tony’s pizzas
1 Kroger Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
8 packs of Keebler cookies (my husband and little boy are happy)
7 Chex Mix bags (may be Christmas gifts!)
1 box of Saltine crackers
2 bags of Lays potato chips
1 42 ct. box of fruit snacks
4 lunchables
1 pack of Franks
Pork Loin Chops
2 cans of Campbell's crm of chick
2 cans of Campbell's crm of mushroom
2 boxes of Blue Bonnet butter
1 Tub of I can’t believe it’s not butter
7 Sure Deodorants
2 tubs of cottage cheese
2 tubs of sour cream

Wow, I bet Cindy's food storage looks incredible after a trip like this!

Tidy Up- What Inserts You Should Be Keeping

Okay, this has been a long time coming. I have been putting this off, but per many readers request here we go.
Is your coupon box hanging file folder overflowing? Here are the inserts you should still have in your files.
2009 Inserts
SS 3/29-There is a coupon for Imodium that doesn't expire until 3/29/10
Rp 6/7- There is a coupon for Dramamine that doesn't expire until 6/7/2010
SS 6/14- There are still some Listerine and and Reach coupons in this insert that don't expire until 5/31/2010
SS1 (EEK mouse on the cover) 9/13- There is a coupon for Duncan Hines Muffins that doesn't expire until 1/10/10. There is also a coupon for Midnite Pm that doesn't expire until 6/30/10
SS2 (Pearle Vision) 9/13- There is a coupon for Welches Juice that doesn't expire until 1/15/10
SS 9/27- There are multiple coupons for Welches products that don't expire until 1/31/10
SS1 10/4- (Lens Crafters on front cover)- There are various coupons still usable
RP 10/4- There are various coupons still usable
SS 10/11- There are various coupons still usable
SS 10/18- There are various coupons still usable
RP 10/18-There are various coupons still usable
SS 10/25- There are various coupons still usable
RP 10/25-There are various coupons still usable
SS 11/1- There are various coupons still usable
RP 11/1- There are various coupons still usable
SS11/8- There are various coupons still usable
RP 11/8- There are various coupons still usable
SS 11/15- There are various coupons still usable
RP 11/15- There are various coupons still usable
General Mills 11/15- There are various coupons still usable
SS 11/22- There are various coupons still usable
P&G 11/29- There are various coupons still usable
SS 12/6- There are various coupons still usable
RP 12/6- There are various coupons still usable
SS 12/13- There are various coupons still usable
RP 12/13- There are various coupons still usable
General Mills 12/13- There are various coupons still usable
P&G 12/27- There are various coupons still usable

Inserts for 2010
SS1- There are various coupons still usable
SS2- There are various coupons still usable
RP1- There are various coupons still usable
RP2- There are various coupons still usable
General Mills- There are various coupons still usable

If you have an inserts in your box that isn't listed on this list than you can throw it away now. Hopefully that gives you guys some more room.

How to Read the Coupon Index Column

When you check out the printable grocery shopping lists from Grocery Smarts, do you ever wonder what all that lingo in the coupon index column means? Here it is all explained for you.

The other common question we get asked is what does DND and DNT mean?

DND and DNT mean, do not double and do not triple. If there is ever a double coupon day (rare here in Utah) it just means those coupons will not be able to be doubled or even tripled.

Making Signing up for Freebies Easier

Do you ever get tired of typing your information in a hundred times a day to print off coupons, sign up for free samples, and make online purchases? One thing that I found made the process lightning fast was to use the auto fill feature on my google toolbar. I am sure auto fill feature is available on many other toolbars as well. By typing your information into auto fill, almost every time there are "fields" that ask for your personal information you can just press auto fill and it will fill in the fields with your information.

Another tip* Nobody wants their e-mails flooded with offers from every company we sign up to request freebies from. Create a junk e-mail address that you only check occasionally. A great way to help me remember my junk e-mail address is to make it obvious, Obvious huh!

$3 Brita System

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 | | 2 comments
I went to check out Brita's today at Lowes and they are on sale for $8 this week. Use the $5/1 printable we shared with you earlier today and you have a Brita pitcher for only $3! Talk about shopping smart! My husband and I each purchased one and I plan on giving mine to my cousin for her upcoming wedding.

$6.31 total for (2) Brita 5 cup Water Pitcher Filtration Systems!

$5 off a Brita System online coupon

Last night as my husband and I kicked off the season premier of the Biggest Loser together, (I can't believe this is the first season I have watched. I must of teared up at least half a dozen times.), they mentioned how much better filtering your water can be. In fact better than bottles of water. Each year I waste a ton of money on bottled water, and that doesn't even include how bad plastic bottles are for our environment. I decided to take the plunge and buy a Brita filtering system. If you take the pledge to not use water bottles you can print off a $5 off coupon for any Brita system. As soon as I find the best place to use it I will let you know. It appears to be at Lowes, but I'll check later tonight!

Sunflower Market

One of my favorite places to shop for my meat and produce is Sunflower Market. On Wednesday's they even have double ad Wednesday's. It means this new ad starting today and last weeks ad items are both on sale. The closest one to me is in Orem, but I feel like it is going to once a month or so.

Here are some of the items on sale this week:

This Weeks Ad
Texas Rio Red grapefruit, .17 ea
Kiwi fruit, .19 ea
Green cabbage, .34/lb
Clementine tangerines 3lb bag, 3.99
celery, 1.00 ea
hothouse cucumbers, 1.00 ea
Last Weeks Ad
Red "A" potatoes
.29/lb broccoli
.88/lb jumbo sweet onions
.88/lb green onions
.50carrots 1lb bag
.50super select cucumbers
.50green bell peppers
.50Bosc, Anjou, Bartlett, Red and Comice pears
.88/lb eggplant
Florida's Natural orange juice 64oz, 2.89
center cut pork loin chops, 1.99/lb
fresh ground turkey, 1.99/lb

Thanks PYP for the list of what was on sale this week.

Free Gourmet Candy Apple Sample

Request a FREE sample of Ivan Mogs Gourmet Candy Apples.
Yummy! I choose a double dipped apple, and I bet you anything that Emily will choose apple pie. Carmel apples are Emily's way of justifying being healthy and eating candy at the same time. And as for me, most times I just pull the carmel off and leave the apple behind!
*Sample contains one half of a gourmet candy apple of user’s choosing. Offer valid from 12.26.09 until 05.01.10 or while supplies last. Users must be 18 years or older to participate. Limit one sample per family, household, address or email address. Limited quantity, dispensed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Offer is only valid for Continential US residents.

The Grocery Smarts Lists are Up

Just a reminder that many grocery stores sales refresh on Wednesday. Be sure to check them out and figure out where you are going to shop this week. Like I said earlier the sales have been some what slow, but I can see this week they are picking back up. I am not sure where I will be shopping yet; decisions, decisions. Where will you be shopping this week after looking at the lists?

Fresh Market Preview

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 | | 2 comments

Here is a look at the upcoming list for Fresh Market.

Thanks PYP

Free audio Download of the book "Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Go here to score a FREE audio download of the "Long Winter" book by Laura Ingalls Wilder. You can only download this TODAY for FREE. I love Laura Ingalls Wilder and can't wait to use this on my next road trip.
Thanks a ton MoneySavingMom!

Saving Money Around Town

After I teach a class people are usually floored at how easy saving money with coupons can be and then their wheels just start turning. One of the funniest questions I get is "Does this work at the mall?" I always giggle because wouldn't that be the best!
Well, of course the mall doesn't put out manufactures coupons, so it doesn't work quite like we are accustomed to at the grocery store, but there are ways to save on clothes, local restaurants and on local entertainment. Here are some of my favorite ways to save money around town.

Saving Money on Clothes
  • One of my favorite ways to save money at clothing stores is to stack promo codes. Stacking promo codes just means that when you checkout there are promo codes for FREE shipping, $10 of a $50 purchase and 10% off when you use your stores charge card. Stacking promo codes doesn't work everywhere, but many online stores do allow stacking. Some of my favorite places to stack codes is at Kohl's, Old Navy, Gap and Victoria Secret. Now you are wondering where to find the codes. I just Google "promo codes for such and such store". It takes some weeding to find what codes are still valid, but it usually pays off.
  • Use a website like ebates to see if they will give you a percentage of your purchase price back to you. I never buy anything online without checking to see if ebates offers a percentage back. Every quarter I usually receive a check in the mail for around $20.
  • Of course many stores do offer coupons, so be sure to sign up for their e-mails list and mailing lists. I don't always use the coupons that come in the mail, but if there is a great sale and I can use my additional 15% off coupon you bet I'll head towards the back clearance section to see whats on the racks.
  • One of my favorite places to find coupons for Old Navy is at Old Navy's Weekly Hunt. It can be frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. Just go here to learn the ins and outs of Old Navy Weekly. If you can score a $75/$100 purchase it makes buying clothes VERY affordable. And yes, I have scored a $75 off $100 purchase coupon in the past.
  • If I have my eye on an item and it is still at full price I never hesitate to ask a store employee when their next upcoming sale is. Sometimes I'll just go back then and hope that the item is still there.
  • The worst is when you buy an item and and then next week you see it on sale. I keep ALL of my receipts (it is seriously out of control), but I never hesitate to ask for a price adjustment if an item I just purchased at full price went on sale. Not all stores will adjust the price, but many are happy to refund me the difference with my receipt.
Saving Money at Local Business
  • One of my favorite ways to save money in my area is by using the website City Deals. They offer gift cards to local business for a discount. Just enter in your zip code and see what offers available in your area. Some of my favorites have been buying a $25 Rod Works gift card for $12.50 and a $50 golf pass for only $25. The only downside is that you have to wait for them to be mailed out to you, so if my husband and I are planning an upcoming date night I look at City Deals about 2 weeks before and purchase a restaurant gift card and discounted movie theater gift card so it makes it in time for our date night. Some gift cards are discounted up to 50% off, so it makes date night super inexpensive. For Christmas we gave gift cards to many family members. City Deals doesn't just include restaurants either, they have gift cards to retail stores, salons, hotels, and so much more. This one of the best kept secrets I USE to have until now =)
  • The Entertainment Book. I always purchase an Entertainment Book. It is chucked FULL of local coupons to every place imaginable. In fact the Utah book has over $16,000 in coupons. For a small price to purchase the book it saves me 100 times that . I use that book everywhere we go. It has come in handy in more times than I can count. Right now they are on sale for about $20 depending on where you live. You can see most of that coupons that are included in the book too.

Entertainment 2010

  • Check the newspaper each Sunday. Many times the Sunday newspaper includes coupons to Hobby Lobby, or even the Gateway Museum. I just flip through the pages each week to see what's in there.

That's enough for today, but be on the lookout for How I Save Money Around Town part 2 tomorrow.

Free Taco Bell Fresco Taco

Monday, January 4, 2010 | | 0 comments

Ready for some FREE food! Be sure to print off a coupon for a FREE Fresco Taco at Taco Bell. Limit one per person. Choice of Beef, Chicken or Steak taco. The coupon prints off via Smart Source.

Free 16x20 poster at Shutterfly

Log in to Shutterfly and at the top it says My Account. Then scroll down and near the bottom of the page it says My Special Offers. Enter in FREECALENDAR and you will receive a FREE 16x20 poster. Right now they cost $19.99. You need to order your poster by 1/11. Shipping is not included. When I clicked to have it shipped it costs $4.99. My total with tax came to $5.11. All additional calendars end up being 50% off. Be sure to go through ebates to order your calendar and you'll get 10% back.

Thanks to the The Frugal Find for sharing this!

Free Binders at Staples

It is that time of year when you feel the need to get "organized" and put all your New Year's resolutions on paper. This week Staples is having some awesome deals to help you get the supplies you need to start organizing your goals.

Buy ANY Avery heavy-duty view binder and get 100% back in Staples Rewards. Limit 4 binders per household. This week only. Purchase price of binder will be credited to customers Staples Rewards account. Staples Rewards will be mailed in February.

  • Free Scotch pop-up desk grip tape dispenser
  • *$3.99-$1 instant savings-$2.99 easy rebate= FREE
  • In store only. Limit one rebate per household. While supplies last.

  • Free Pentel Hyper G retractable gel pens, medium assorted 4 pack
  • $6.99-$3 instant savings-$3.99 easy rebate=FREE
  • In store only. Limit one rebate per household. While supplies last.

  • $1 HammerMill CopyPlus cope paper 500-sheet ream
  • $6.29-$1.29 instant savings-$4 easy rebate=$1
  • Limit 2 rebates per household.

  • Staples Photo Plus 4x6 paper 60/pack
  • $9.99-$8.99 easy rebate=$1
  • Limit 2 rebates per household

I have a Staples Rewards account and have bought things that were FREE after I received my Staples Rewards check in the mail. I have always received my rebate and have never had any problems with my Staples Rewards account. If you don't already have one they are super easy to get. Just ask one of the associates when you visit the store. My favorite thing about their reward program is you can submit your items over the Internet with your receipt.

Tag Reader Books on Sale at Target

This week at Target they have Tag and Tag Junior reader books on sale for $9.99. Use the $4/1 coupons from the Parade Magazine insert and it makes them each $5.99.

Happy New Year

I am so excited to be back! I missed my blog and all of you wonderful readers! On New Year's day I sat down and looked back on my goals that I had made for my family last year. A couple of the ones on the top of my list included saving money on groceries and building up a food storage! Both of those goals were achieved and in a way I couldn't have expected. As I added my monthly report cards for 2009 I figured I saved over $6000 at the grocery store this year! The best part about it is that my food storage is INCREDIBLE! I have toothpaste that I scored for FREE shoved into each crack in my linen closet. I boxes of .25 cereal shoved underneath our beds and my pantry shelves can't hold another bottle, box or package! I have been creative and have all kinds of every day necessities hidden in my home.

If you are looking to save money on groceries like I have it really is as simple as booking a FREE class. I will come and teach you how I organize my coupons in 5 minutes or less. I will show you how to navigate the Grocery Smarts lists (The BEST thing ever. The lists are FREE and literally do all the work for you). Then I will tell you how I plan my meals, where I like to shop and how I check out with my coupons!

When you host a class there are some awesome hostess incentives as well! To get your class on the calendar so you can start saving money on groceries just send an e-mail to me at and we can set the date.

Coupons in Sunday's Paper

Sunday, January 3, 2010 | | 3 comments
This morning was like Christmas morning all over again! Today in the Daily Herald there were 5 inserts! Yes, you read that right FIVE!

2 Smart Source Inserts
2 Red Plum Inserts
1 General Mills Insert

In the Salt Lake Tribune and Desert Morning News you should have gotten:

2 Smart Source Inserts
1 General Mills Insert
To read about how the Red Plum coupons are distributed in Utah click here!

No matter what paper you get be sure to pull our your Parade Magazine insert and take out the $4/1 tag Reader book coupons!

Just a suggestion, we recommend holding on to the stores weekly ads for the week in case we find deals that require price matching. Want to know how to keep these ad's organized, check out our post here.

On weeks like this one I typically pick up some additional newspapers. For only $1.50 you get hundreds of dollars in coupons! However, just like I have shared in the past----the newspapers in the gas stations and grocery stores DO NOT put in the same inserts as they do in the subscribers papers. I got to the newspaper stand and flipped through the Daily Herald. They did not include the General Mills inserts this week. Then of course the Salt Lake Tribune and Desert Morning News do not include Red Plum inserts because they come in the mail.

The only way to insure you get the coupon inserts you need is to become a subscriber. We are also able to offer you an incredible deal on the paper too! Less than $1 a paper! It ends up being cheaper than going down to buy your paper each week and you are guaranteed the coupons!

*If you ordered the paper and you didn't receive your paper or didn't get the correct number of papers please call the newspaper company first and let them know. Their numbers are on the left side of the blog. Occasionally if you are new to a route your carrier may miss your home. The newspaper companies are super easy to work with and will make sure your papers are delivered.
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