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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Saturday, October 31, 2009 | | 1 comments
I made these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies yesterday and they tasted so good I had to share them with you!

2 packages Spice Cake Mix
1 Large Can Packed Pumpkin
1 bag chocolate chips
Mix all together and bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes.

It makes a TON of cookies and my family ate almost all of them in just a couple hours! I bought both my chocolate chips and cake mixes on sale at Smith's this week!

Winner Announced

Friday, October 30, 2009 | | 0 comments
We have a winner for our Febreze Home Collection $20 Walmart Gift Card giveaway......
Katie said...
told a friend
Congratulations Katie! Please e-mail, with your mailing info and we will send you your $20 Walmart gift card so that you can try out the new items from the Febreze Home Collection.
Thank you everyone for participating in this weeks giveaway! It was a ton of fun to read about all the places that need a new smell in your homes! Be on the lookout for our upcoming giveaway! Just a hint.... it is another way to make your homes smell yummy!

Mega Swag Bucks

Search & Win

A few weeks ago I shared with you about a new way to search the internet called Swagbucks. You get paid in "swag bucks" to search the internet the same way you already search for things. After you earn your swagbucks you can redeem them for gift cards and other prizes from the swag store. You can read my post about swagbucks here for all the details.

As if it was already sweet enough to get rewarded for doing something you are already doing, how about having a MEGA swag buck day!
"Every Friday, Swagbucks gives you a chance to win huge, gargantuan, oodles, tons of....Mega Swag Bucks with your searches. From 3 to 100 Swag Bucks, we give away up to 10,000 Swag Bucks in Mega Bills every Friday!"
Taken from Swag Bucks official blog
So, make sure on Friday's you do some MEGA searching to win MEGA swag bucks!
If you don't already have Swag Bucks go here to sign up. After you sign up check your e-mail and they will let you start searching!
Check out the SwagBuck store and share with us what you are saving up for!

Old Navy Reset

Thursday, October 29, 2009 | | 6 comments
Old Navy just reset! I managed to score one this time! Did you guys have any luck?

50% off at Payless Shoes

Today, Payless Shoes announced on the Oprah Show that they are giving away 50% off your entire purchase coupons! The offer is good from now until October 30, so I guess until tomorrow night at closing! Wow, what a fun night we are going to have trying on new shoes! See you there!
You can either print off your coupon or have it "texted" (is that a word?) to your phone. You can find the coupon or text here on the Oprah website!
Thanks SheShopsSmart reader Stephanie for the SMART find =)
With this deal being as sweet as it is there is a TON of people taking advantage! The lines are VERY VERY long. Just thought we would give you a little heads up so if youre planning on going you can plan accordingly.

Old Navy Weekly

Just a friendly reminder that Old Navy Weekly is expected to reset sometime between tonight and tomorrow. Be on the lookout! I just received a text reminding me that they are resetting and when I went to check out the web page the current coupons are no longer available! Check back often and comment if you find they go live!
Have no idea what Old Navy Weekly is, be sure to read about it here.

Thinking Outside the "JUG"

Last week as I shopped at Utah's newest grocery store, Winco, I found that they had many great deals in their big bulk bins. You just scoop your items out, put them in the plastic bag and weigh them. I ended up with long white rice for only .50 cents a pound. I couldn't help but wonder if I bought items in bulk how I would be able to store the beans, rice, spices and sugar. I have been saving my empty milk jugs cleaning them out and using them to hold my purchases. I love that it didn't even cost me a cent! Last night when I made rice it poured out so easily too! Just make sure you clean out your jug super good and that it dries before you put in anything. Here is an article I found that shares 35 ways to use empty milk jugs! Food Storage Made Easy shares an incredible way to stuff a 72-hour kit into a milk jug! Seriously, check it out! I can't wait to try this! What are some of the ways you have used your empty cartons and jars that you have laying around? One thing I like to do is save all the empty boxes and I let my kids play grocery store with them. I put the prices on them with a sticky label , so I can incorporate some mathematics into their play time. Maybe you use your cereal boxes as magazine holders. Maybe you store water in your milk jugs. Think outside the box or "jug" and share your ideas with us!

Unadvertised Smith's Deals

Last night as I was shopping, check out this post to see how I did, I found a few deals at Smith's that I thought were pretty hot that weren't listed on the Grocery Smarts list!

Item: Sure Men's deodorant was on sale for $1.80
Use: Sure for Men Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant, any $1.50/1 (12-31-09) SS-10/18
Final Price: .30

Item: Sure Deodorant on sale for $1.80
Use: Sure Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant, any 2 oz. or larger $1/1 (12-31-09) SS-10/18
Final Price: .80
The following items I found were included in the Mega Event when you buy 10 items get $5 off, but weren't listed on the list.

Item: Playtex Living Gloves
Sale $1.00 when you buy 10 items
Use: Playtex Living Gloves, any $1/1 (1-31-10) SS-10/4 or
Playtex Living or HandSaver Gloves $1/1 (10-30-09) SS-5/3
Final Price: .50 OVERAGE!
The ones I bought were PINK and they would make great Bridal Shower gifts!
Item: Chex Mix
Sale: $1.49 when you buy 10 items
Use: Chex Mix or Chex 100 Calorie Snack, any flavor 4.5 oz. or larger .50/2 (11-7-09) GeneralMills-9/13 or
.50/1 printable coupon
Final Price: $1.25- $1.00
Did you see that they have peelies on them for .50/2!!!!
Item: Nestle Toll House Morsels
Sale: $2.19 when you buy 10 items
Use: Nestle Toll House Morsels, any variety .50/1 (11-1-09) NestleRP-9/13
Final Price: $1.69

Item: Bumble Bee Tuna Packets
Sale: .49 when you buy 10 items
Use: Bumble Bee Premium Tuna Pouches, any 2.5 or 5 oz. .55/1 (12-31-09) PearleVisionSS-9/13
Final Price: .6 OVERAGE!Krustez Pancake Mixes weren't on the list, but they are included in the buy 10 items get $5 off promo. They are on sale for $1.69. When you buy 10 items it makes them only $1.19. For every 2 that you buy a $1.00 catalina prints off that can be used on anything. With the Catalina factored in it makes each mix only .69!

The Ghiradelli Brownies are also included in the promotion. When you buy 2 of them a $1.00 catalina for anything prints off. With the Catalina factored in it makes each box only .50!!!!! That is a hot deal!I also ran into another couponer that told me Uncle Ben's rice packets were only $1.00 after the promo. Use that $1/1 coupon from the Parade magazine a couple weeks ago and that would make them FREE. Don't forget to submit the receipt for the $5 Cold Stone Rebate.
Be sure to list any deals that you have found that weren't advertised!

Mega Event at Smith's

Last night I ran into Smith's to check out the new sale. I had way too much fun! I ended up with:
4 packets Bumble Bee Tuna
2 Duncan Hines Frosting's
9 boxes of Kleenex
8 cans Carnation evaporated milk
2 cans of Del Monte Tomatoes
3 bags Nestle Baking Chips
4 boxes Swiss Miss hot chocolate
6 Gatorade Drinks
2 Ghiradelli Brownie Mixes
2 Krustez Pancake Mixes
7 Aussie Hair Products
8 bags of Halls Cough Drops
2 bags Ricola Cough Drops
12 Right Guard Deodorants
8 Sure Deodorants
4 King Size Special Dark Hershey Bars
2 Carmel Apple Dips
1 Sour Cream
3 Hormel Pepperonis
4 boxes Cheez Its
2 bags Chex Mix
2 bags Fritos
6 bags Lays Potato Chips
4 Playtex Gloves
2 gallons of milk
1 bag beef jerky
1 loaf of bread
1 bag of apples
3 gallons of milk
4 7ups
2 packets enchilada seasoning
1 package Q-tips
2 Motrin's

I have to say I even surprised myself this week. Before my I scanned in my Fresh Value card my total was at $315.67!!!!!! I actually slightly panicked. By time all was said and done my total came to $108.19. I saved $126.76 in coupons alone! I went home to tell my husband jumping up and down. His first comment was that our 4 newspaper for $14 a month had paid for themselves for the almost the entire year in that trip alone.
After I admired my purchases my wheels started turning. I had bought enough deodorant for my husband for the entire year. I had many items to add to my 72 hours kits (hot coco, tuna, and medicine), and I feel totally prepared for the "sick season" with medicine, Kleenex, juice and comfort food.
After I put everything I away I stood back and admired my incredible pantry. It looks immaculate. I feel prepared for just about anything and I cut my budget in half while doing it. It has totally been worth it!
Also, while I was shopping I did manage to find some deals that weren't on the list. In my next post I will list what I found....lots of FREE stuff!

Meal Planning

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 | | 2 comments
This week I am planning my meals around the Smith's list. To read how I plan my meals check out this post. This is a great weekly meal plan, but there are plenty of items to stock up on too.

Egg Muffin Sandwiches
Yogurt, Granola bars and apple slices
cold cereal and fruit cups
oatmeal and toast
Southwest Omelets
Bacon, sausage and homemade hash browns

Lunchables for play date
tombstone pizza with veggies and ranch dip
chili cheese fries and fruit salad
peanut butter and jelly, crackers and grapes
tuna sandwiches with crackers and cheese
Top Ramen with raisins and apple slices

Chili and cornbread
chicken tortilla soup with saltines
BBQ chicken pizza in shape of jack o lantern
Steak, french fries and salad
Pork Chops, rice and Parmesan bread sticks
Apple pork chops with steamed carrots

Apple dippers
Decorate Halloween sugar cookies
Peppermint Hot Chocolate and donuts
apple crisp and vanilla ice cream

A Lot for Less

This week's "A Lot for Less" is from She Shops Smart reader Amy:
"Hi! Just wanted to show off my savings! I didn't write down the regular price for each thing because I didn't have time so I don't have a way to calculate my savings but I bought 63 items (I'll list them) and only paid $53.40. That's an average of 85 cents per item. Here's my list:
18 - jars of baby food (4 will be free after mail-in rebate: $11.10 for all of them (BEFORE $2.99 mail-in rebate from Gerber 1 - box of Beechnut Rice Cereal: $1.69
4 - boxes of Pasta Rona: $.89/each
6 - boxes JollyTime Popcorn: $.48/each
2 - boxes JollyTime Popcorn: FREE
4 - Koolaid Kool Bursts 6 packs (squeeze drinks): $.68/each
4 - Ronzoni Pasta Packages: $.75/each
1 - WF Big Marshmallows: $.88
2 - 96 oz. WF Apple Cider: $1.58/each
2 - 100 ct. WF paper plates: $.98/each
1 - can coconut milk: $.99
2 - WF cottage cheese: $.99/each
2 - 1 gallon milk: $1.79/each
6 - WF yogurts: $.33/each
2 - Meadow Gold Ice Creams: $1.98/each
2 - Gold-N-Plump Chicken Drumsticks: $1/each
2.27 lbs. Large Gala Apples: $1.54
1 - 2 lb. bag Mini Carrot: $2.49
1 - head of lettuce: $.69

Total items purchased: 63
Total paid: 53.40
Avg. Cost per item: $.85"

Great job Amy! Thank you for showing us how easy it is to save big on grocery items using sales and coupons! Keep it up!

Free BYU Basketball Game

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 | | 0 comments
Join BYU Men’s Basketball for the Papa John’s Cougar Tipoff this Wednesday, October 28th at 7:00 PM in the Marriott Center. Admission to the Tipoff is free to all. Immediately following the game, the team will line up on the floor to sign autographs. Team posters will be available.

6:00 – Doors Open
7:00 – Lights Out Introductions
7:05 – First Half – Blue vs. White
7:25 – Halftime/Introduction of women’s team/Two-ball shooting contest
7:35 – Second Half – Blue vs. White
7:55 – Game Ends
8:00 – Autographs on Court

My boys are super excited as am I because it is FREE for our whole family! See you there Cougar Fans!

$5 off at Shade Clothing

Shade clothing is celebrating their 5th anniversary by offering $5 off your purchase in stores or online. I joined their e-mail list and they e-mailed me this coupon. Be sure when you check out the coupon to join their mailing list at the bottom of the page!

Children's Place 15% off Coupon

This last weekend I headed over to Children's Place to use my 15% off coupon. While I was there they had tons of racks with clothes for $4.99, $2.99 and .99. I was able to pick up some shorts and shirts for next years summer clothes for less than $1.00 an item. They also had some fall church clothes on sale for right now for less than $5.00 a piece. I also spotted some clearance back packs and lunch boxes for $4.99. I bought a couple to use as my little ones 72 hour kit packs. I liked that they were small enough for them to be able to carry, but not to small I couldn't put what I wanted in them. I used my 15% off coupon and my purchase came to a little under $35. I love shopping trips like that! What have you been able to score using your coupon. Be sure that if you haven't printed yours off to do so quickly before it is gone!
Also if you haven't bought Halloween costumes yet they were marked down to 50% off. Many of the ones I checked were only $3.99!!!!
Update* The coupon is no longer available

Sunflower Market Preview 10/28-11/3

The Sunflower Market preview list is also ready! Remember that Wednesday is Double ad day. That means that they will honor the prices from last weeks ad as well as the new weeks ad. Once again, thank you to PYP for the list
From the new ad:
blackberries, 5.6oz, 1.50
bartlett or bosc pears, .25/lb
mini sweet peppers, pint, 2.00
hass avocados, .77
acorn, butternet, spaghetti or kabocha squash, .77/lb
super select cucumbers, .33
collard, mustard, kale or turnip greens, .77 each
seedless watermelon, .34/lb
green onions, radishes, cilantro, parsley or 1lb carrots, .50
red delicious, golden delicious or granny smith apples, .88/lb
jewel or garnet yams, .88/lb
kiwi fruit, .25
whole garlic, .25
monterey jack cheese, 1.99/lb
sweet onions, .77/lb
From the previous ad (price good WED only):
Bartlett pears, .50/lb
pineapple, .99 each
seedless watermelon, .50/lb
honeydew melon, .50/lb
pomegranates, 1.50 each
Braeburn or Jonathan apples, .88/lb
persimmons, .50 each
celery, .88
bunched spinach, .88
red or white onions, .50/lb
potatoes, .50/lb
Fresh Express salad kit, 3.00
hothouse tomatoes, .98/lb
london broil, B1G1
Freeitalian, yellow or mexican grey squash, .88/lb

Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure

Yesterday I shared with you a $10 off coupon for Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure combo pack here. The best place I have seen to buy it was at Toy's R Us for $21.99 minus your $10 coupon. If you spend $40 or more on Disney's Fairies you will get a FREE Fairies Lantern valued at $12.99. If you don't have a Toy's R Us nearby take the ad from Sunday's paper to Walmart or Target and price match it. If you do have a Toy's R Us nearby it might be worth going because their Halloween candy was marked down to 40% off.
Another thing....
It has been reported by PYP that the Snow White $10 off combo pack coupon reset. I know my sister in law totally spaced using the coupon so here is a second chance Kristen and any others who forgot! To see how I scored Snow White for FREE check out this post!

Birthday Rewards

Have you checked out our birthday rewards post? Be sure to check it out here. It lists all the awesome offers you can sign up for to earn FREE stuff on your birthday!

New Giveaway Announced

Monday, October 26, 2009 | | 112 comments

Have you seen the new Febreze Home Collection in your stores? This new boutique line marries design and new premium scents to allow you to refresh your home d├ęcor in a contemporary way. No matter what you choose, Flameless Luminaries, Scented Reed Diffusers, Soy Blend Candles, or Room Sprays, the Febreze Home Collection look every bit as good as they smell. BlogSpark gave me the products to try and review and I loved every item! I used the diffuser in my bathroom and everyone commented on how clean the bathroom smells. The flameless luminary is perfect on my front table. I feel safe having it out with my 2 little ones running around and the way just the little shade smells is pretty cool.
BlogSpark also included a $20 gift card to Walmart for one of our readers to be able to go and purchase items from the new Febreze Home Collection!
You can enter this giveaway up to (3) times by doing one or all of the following:
  • Comment with what in your life needs a new scent, "My husbands gym bag", "My bedroom closet", or maybe "My front room" .
  • Become a follower of She Shops Smart by doing one or all of the following: Add us as a Friend on Facebook, Become a Google Follower or Add our Button to Your Blog. Comment and tell us how you became a follower. If you are already a follower you can comment with; "Follower on facebook, blog, etc."
  • Tell a friend about She Shops Smart and this giveaway. You can comment with. "Told a friend"

The last day to enter this giveaway is Thursday, October 29th at 11:59pm. We will announce our winner on Friday! As always, Good Luck!

$10 off TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure

Here is an online coupon for $10 off TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure Combo Pack. The coupon expires on 10/31, so be sure that after your print it off you don't wait to long to use it.

Coupons in Sunday's Paper

Yesterday in my Daily Herald paper I received:
1 SS insert AND
1 RP insert

If you receive the SLT/DMN you received:
1 SS insert
To read about how the Red Plum coupons are distributed click here!

I also found a FREE bag of candy (up to $3.00) coupon when you buy Monsters vs. Aliens in the Parade Magazine. !

To start your newspaper coupons right away, learn about the awesome newspaper deal we can get you here.

*If you ordered the paper and you didn't receive your paper or didn't get the correct number of papers please call the newspaper company first and let them know. Their numbers are on the left side of the blog. Occasionally if you are new to a route your carrier may miss your home. The newspaper companies are super easy to work with and will make sure your papers are delivered.
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