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Show and Tell

Thursday, March 19, 2009 | | 0 comments
Abbie was an old neighbor and friend of mine and came to my very FIRST class! Here is what she walked away with from her last shopping trip! Way to go Abbie!!!!
2 boxes frosted flakes
2 boxes apple jacks
2 boxes fruit loops
4 (big boxes) pop tarts
12 bottles powerade
4 tubes clogate toothpaste
4 pkg dixie paper plates
4 pkg wrigleys gum *FREE*
At Albertson I spent $10.25 including tax
At Smiths I spent $13.44 including tax
Total out of pocket spent $23.69
MFG coupon savings $23.60
Fresh Values/Preferred Savings $34.79
Bonus Buy Savings $5.38
That is an average of .69 cents per item!!!!!!!!!

Spring Fever $20 off a $20 purchase at Springhill Nursery

Here is a fun find! Springhill nursery is giving $20 off a $20 purchase with the code 414217! All you have to pay is 7.95 shipping! Lots of people are buying flowers, blueberry bushes and even banana trees. You don't have to spend exactly $20 to get the discount. If you spend $18 you'll still get it for free and just pay S&H! If this doesn't give you spring fever what will? Click Here to go to Springhill Nursery! My family will love having blueberries. Now the trick will be seeing if I can get them to look as pretty as that picture!

Double Coupon Days Show and Tell

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 | | 0 comments
Yes, I am totally addicted to a good sale. I live so close to the grocery stores too it's hard not to drive by while running other errands and know I have double coupons in my purse to use, so yes I ran in a couple times to make my coupons worth their value. Here is what I walked away with.
Monday Night
2 Bags Santinas Chips
1 container m&m cookies (my 2 year old was with me and insisted on these)
1 culinary circle rotisserie chicken with rolls and macaroni salad
2 containers land o lakes butter
2 containers ice cream
1 tree top apple juice
1 box Kraft bagefuls
Out Of Pocket $12.30 (plus I found a $10 off beer(no purchase necessary) rebate in the deli aisle!) so it made my total $2.30
Saved $37.80
Saved 76%

Tuesday Night
2 Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergents
3 steam fresh vegetables
1 ready cooked bacon
2 packages Kraft singles cheese
8 packs Wrigley's gum
1 Kraft Ranch salad dressing
8 boxes planters peanut bars (I bought them for my 72 hour kits!)
4 rolls toilet paper
1 McCormick's chicken taco seasoning
Total 18.43
Saved 64.48
That's a 78% savings

Meal Planning Tuesday

Yesterday was completely crazy and then I was waiting for Smith's list today, but here is my meal plan for this week!

Roast, baked potatoes, asparagus and grands biscuits
Top Sirloin Steaks (on sale this week) (marinated in last weeks .49 cent Ken's salad dressings), broccoli fresh steamers (last week) and rice a roni (4 weeks ago)
BLT sandwiches with chips and pickles (bread, cheese, pickles, bacon, chips and tomatoes last week, lettuce this week)
TGIF skillet meal with rolls (skillet meal on sale this week, rolls 3 weeks ago)
Pepsi Ketchup Chicken (peppers last week, onions, pepsi, chicken and ketchup this week) with rice (sounds awful but tastes amazing! e-mail if you want the recipe)
Pork Chop Casserole (rice, peppers, onions (last week) and pork chops (this week))

Turkey Sandwiches (all on sale last week, except lettuce)
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (all on sale last week)
Quesdillas (need to buy tortillas and salsa)
Personal Pizzas (California kitchen pizzas on sale last week)
Chicken Cesar Salads (dressing last week, need to buy lettuce and chicken on sale this week)
Hot dogs and chips (all on sale last week accept buns, but their on sale this week)

Kraft Bagefuls (last weeks sale)
Cold Cereal (last weeks sale)
Oatmeal (this week)
Toaster Strudels (3 weeks ago)
Egg, cheese and bacon biscuits (cheese and bacon last week and biscuits 3 weeks ago)
French Toast and grapes (bread this week and grapes last week)

Planters peanut bars and fruit snacks (last week)
Nature valley granola bar and yogurt (last week and the week before last)
Cinnamon goldfish and applesauce (last week)
chips, cheese and salsa (last week)
Apples and Cheez-it crackers (last week and the week before)
saltine crackers, cheese, and grapes (last week)


After you order your newspapers it takes a few weeks for the orders to be processed, so I promise they will be there soon, but if you are so excited and want to get started right away purchase your papers from a local newspaper stand until your subscrption starts, that way you're still getting those coupons! I know many of you readers live in rural areas where that can be close to impossible, so let me know if you really want them and I will go to my paper stand and pick up some extras you can purchase from me until your subscription starts! I promise those subscriptions will be there soon, but the newspapers can hardly keep up with our orders! They are processing them as quickly as they can!

Red Box Wednesday

Here is Wednesday's Free Redbox Code

Darling Digitals

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 | | 0 comments
Just a shout out to my friend Brooke at Darling Digitals for putting together my awesome blog! Isn't she amazing. She charges an amazing price for one of a kind blogs! Now you can grab my button and post it on your blogs!

Red Box Monday

Monday, March 16, 2009 | | 0 comments
Here is tonight's free redbox code!

Coupons In Sundays Paper

Sunday, March 15, 2009 | | 0 comments
Here are the coupons I found in today's papers!

Red Plum insert

Smart Source insert

P&G insert

Michaels Crafts(March 15-21)
40% off one regular price item
50% off your custom frame order
Bonus Coupon EXTRA 25% off regular and SALE priced wall and tabletop frames

Toys R US
Various Coupons for baby shampoo products, diapers, monitors, and more

These coupons were printed in the actual paper, but are so awesome (kind of hidden)

Roberts Arts and Crafts
50% one item Monday
40% off one item Tuesday-Saturday

Albertson's is having a 3 day sale with 3 double manufactures coupons and various other coupons! (They were on page A6 in the Daily Herald, pg A7 in SLT and pg A9 in the DMN)
The manufactured coupons can be doubled up to $1.00!!!! They are only valid Sunday March 15th- Tuesday March 17th! So exciting.

Post any great deals you find to make these coupons worth the extra trip. I'll start a separate post for any great finds! Start Commenting!!!!!!!

Show and Tell

My beautiful sister in law who lives in Bountiful used her coupons and grocery smarts for her first time this week. Here is how she made out! Way to go girl! You did awesome!
Spent $43.57
Saved $108.51
That is a 72% savings!!!! Great job!
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