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Build a Message Board

Friday, July 31, 2009 | | 2 comments

Home Depot is offering a free kids workshop this Sat. August 1st. Children must be ages 5-12. Show up at 9:00 a.m. and let your kids build a free message board.


Free Chocolate Friday

Don't forget today's FREE chocolate! Click here to get to the website. Remember you can have up to 4 coupons delivered to a household/mailing address. You will need a different e-mail address for each coupon. Have no idea what we are talking about. Click here to read all about FREE chocolate Fridays!

Target Toys 75% OFF!

Thursday, July 30, 2009 | | 1 comments
I need to stick with my gut more often! I had a feeling the toys would go 75% off last night and I should have prepared better. I didn't make it there until closer to 1pm, but I still ended up with a few things. The shelves were pretty much wiped clean and my heart sunk as I saw families carrying out 3-4 carts full of toys!
I Spent $91.75
I Saved $289.88
That is a 76% savings
I have all my baby's b-day present for this weekend and some of our Christmas shopping put away!

How far is too far?

"An Orem woman has been cited after going too far to get grocery store coupons.
Police were called to approximately 300 West and 100 South in Orem after a woman was seen going through various mailboxes.
A witness wrote down the woman's license plate and called police. Officers tracked it to a 28-year-old.
At her home, police say they found she had a large stack of ads and coupons along with mail from various locations.
The woman told police she was after the Albertsons double coupon ads.
She was cited for theft."
To read this article on KSL click here.

My dad called to tell me about this article this afternoon and it made my day. I honestly thought he was playing a joke on me. He then began reading some of the comments on the message board to me which were so fun to read. I love it when people think coupon usage is a waste of time. If they only knew! The other thing I thought was that yes, coupons are super valuable, but remember there can be a point where it goes too far. There are always consequences to our actions and I promise that you can still save 50-70% on your grocery bills without taking, photocopying or using expired coupons.

Target Deals

I ran into Target last night and found a couple noteworthy deals:

Poptarts were on sale for $1.52.
I used a manufactures coupon for .55 /1 RP 6/7 or HERE
I also used Target coupon for .75/1 HERE
The final price for each box came to .77

Colgate Wisps were $1.99.
I used a .50 MFQ HERE
And a .50 Target coupon HERE
The final price was .99

Axe Hair products were $3.84.
They had $2/1 peelies on them.
I also used a Target $1/1 coupon from HERE.
The final price was .84


Do you have to use rebates to get 50-70% off your grocery bills? Absolutely not. Rebates are just another way of maximizing those coupons and taking your savings to 80-90%. I myself don't participate in rebates a ton, but if you are willing to do rebates there are many free things and even money makers to be had. Here are a couple tips I have found that have helped me keep my rebate savings organized.
  • Follow the rebate instructions exactly!
  • If you are going to buy it later, but there is a rebate for it now- BUY IT. I am still kicking myself for not going to Staples last week and getting my FREE backpack after the rebate. I could have used a backpack for my 72-hr kits, to keep emergency things in my car, or even to give away as a gift!
  • Rebates are before coupons! So, if there is a rebate at the grocery store and you have coupons for the items participating in the rebate- PARTICIPATE. The Fuel for School rebate is a great example of making money on a rebate!
  • Request a duplicate receipt. Almost every rebate I have ever sent in requires that I submit the original sales receipt. I hate sending my receipt away, just to never see it again, so at the register I request a duplicate receipt. I send the original away and keep the duplicate for my records.
  • As soon as you get the receipt for the rebate, mail it out! If I don't mail my rebate out with in a couple days of buying the item I end up forgetting about the rebate and when I do remember I find myself searching for the receipt in my purses, cars and file folders. As soon as you get home, sit down, fill out the rebate and mail it off. Yesterday I sat down and mailed out the rebates that I have participated in recently. It is the best feeling to get those babies in the mail. So, take this as a friendly reminder, if you have any pending rebates, submit them TODAY!

Target Toy Clearance

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 | | 3 comments
I have been obsessing over getting my toys for Christmas on clearance at Target for 75% off. In July they mark their toys down to that price to start bringing in the toys for CHRISTMAS! Last year by time I made it there EVERYTHING was gone, so I've been paranoid about missing it this year. We went to Idaho this weekend and 2 times during our trip I ran in to see if there toys were marked down. They barley had anything left and they were only 30% off.
Tonight I ran into the Orem Target and they had TONS of toys, but all the signs still said 30% off. However, I was there super close to closing and a lot of workers were in the department moving things around. I have a feeling tomorrow they are going to be marked down further! Lets just keep each other updated and if anyone goes in tomorrow let us know! I am obsessed with making sure I hit this sale. I mean seriously though, if you could get all your Christmas gifts for 50% off or 75% off that would be AMAZING and a She Shops Smart steal!

Wednesday Weekly Show and Tell

With us being on vacation I couldn't make it to the store until the last night. I was sure since there were doubles I was going to end up with NOTHING, but actually the store was well stocked. They were out of fruit bars and playtex gloves, but other than that I had a great trip.
At Albertson's I bought:
4 12 packs of 7-up
6 boxes Ritz Crackers
1 loaf bread
dozen eggs
1 gallon whole milk
1/2 gallon chocolate milk
3 lbs ground beef
2 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch
2 Boxes Cheerios
4 yogurts
2 mission tortillas
I spent $21.30
I saved $67.37
76% savings
(All my cold stuff got put away already, so it isn't in the picture)
Walgreens I bought:
8 candy bars
1 goody flex headband
1 blow dryer
I spent OOP $16.29
Factoring in the $10 RR for the blow dryer and $2.99 for headband
I only spent $3.30
8 Crest toothpastes
1 Colgate toothpaste
2 Dial hand soaps
Spent $4.07
Saved $33.89
89% savings


Emily and I have received tons of e-mails and phone calls from concerned she shops smart readers about all the coupon changes.
It is true that Albertsons is in the process of being sold to Associated Foods. 36 Albertsons were included in the 150 million dollar negotiation. There are a couple stores in Orem and in Jordan still looking for buyers. The stores in St. George were not included in the deal. You can read all the details here on KSL.

What does this mean for us?

It just means we won't be shopping at Albertsons in the near future. It is a sad loss, but not one we can't recover from. Grocery Smarts works at EVERY grocery store, so we will just have to start looking in other places for the good deals. We are still going to save 50-70% on our grocery bills. Albertson's was a favorite of ours, but definitely not the only grocery store.
There is also good news. Associated foods will begin to take IPS on August 1st! I think they are already trying to help us save money on groceries!
I have also heard from our concerned readers about the Red Plum inserts being pulled from the newspapers. It is true that if you are receiving any paper in the state of Utah, accept for the Daily Herald, your RP inserts will now be mailed to you rather than in your Sunday newspaper. Good news is you get them for FREE in the mail, however you can no longer receive multiple copies. For those of you receiving the Daily Herald you will continue to receive your inserts in the paper. The Daily Herald was contracted with RP to keep the inserts in the paper, so they are unable to break the contract, but I am guessing that when their contract is up that the coupons will be pulled from the Daily Herald as well.
It is bitter sweet. Yes, we will miss the RP inserts in the paper, but we will still be receiving them . To find out whether you will be receiving the inserts in your paper or in the mail go HERE. Also, did you know that more than 75% of our coupon usage comes from the Smart Source insert? If you have been couponing for a while that is not new news to you. Half of my RP insert coupons go unused.
Also, please remember in no way did Grocery Smarts or Emily and I have anything to do with these decisions. We wish we had a way to change the decisions made, but we do not. We are also in this change with you. When I first heard all the sad news my husband would tell you I moped around the house, but there is no reason to be upset. We are still going to save money, build our food storage and have fun shopping. Emily and I are still going to be finding HOT deals and telling you about them. There is no reason to be upset or concerned (well, at least for not too long) because we will make this work no matter what. We are going to notice some change and adjusting, but thank heavens we have a community that is always looking for she shops smart deals! We are so grateful to our readers and know that we can all make the best of these unexpected changes.

Easy as 1,2 FREE

Fill in the info below to get your free sample of new Gain with Febreze Freshness. Hooray! Then check your mail in 4-6 weeks and replace icky stinkiness with free freshness.

I took a short survery HERE for a FREE sample of Parent's Choice new formula.

Complete the following information to receive your free sample of new Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond True Delights HERE.

$25 Free Food after Rebate

Purchase $25 of participating items and get: $5 off your next purchase & $20 via mail-in rebate
*OFFER VALID: 8/7/09 - 8/23/09.
All purchases must be made in a single transaction.
Coupon for $5 will print at register valid on your next shopping trip.
Coupon expires 2 weeks after date of purchase.
Limit one $5 coupon per transaction.
$20 rebate form will print at register.
Cash register receipt must be dated between 8/7/09 - 8/23/09.
Allow 6-8 weeks for shipment of rebate check.
Limit one rebate per address/household.
Offer ends 8/23/09
Click here to get to the website!

Participating products:
California Pizza Kitchen & Digiorno For One & Flat Bread Melts (5.3-3.2oz)
California Pizza Kitchen & DiGiorno Pizza (12in)
Capri Sun Juice Drink (10ct)
Chips Ahoy! Cookies (12-15.25oz)
Crackerfuls Crackers (6oz)
Crystal Light Drink Mix (any variety)
Jell-O Gelatin snacks (6pk)
Kraft Easy mac or Velveeta Cups (2.05-2.39oz)
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Crackers (6oz)
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (7.25oz)
Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Dressing (18oz)
Kraft Natural Cheese Slices (7-8oz)
Kraft Natural Shredded or Chunk Cheese (8oz)
Kraft Singles (10.5-12oz)
Kraft String Cheese (12oz)
Maxwell House Coffee (33-34oz)
Nabisco 12 packs
Nabisco Toasted Chips (6-8.1oz)
Nilla Wafers (10-12oz)
Oscar Mayer Deli Creations Complete Sandwich Kits (4.9-7.1oz)
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Meats (7-9oz)
Oscar Mayer Lunchables Fun Packs (4-4.5oz)
Oscar Mayer Meat (10oz)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese (8oz)
Planters Trail Mix (4-6oz)
Ritz Bits Crackers (7.5oz)
Ritz Crackers (13-16oz)
Starbucks Coffee (12oz)
Teddy Grahams Graham Crackers (8-10oz)
Tombstone Pizza (17.5-29oz)
Wheat Thins or Triscuit Crackers (7-10oz)
Yuban Coffee (33oz)

Participating Stores:
CubFarm Fresh
Shop n SaveShoppers
Thanks to PYP for this HOT deal!

Remember it is $25 before coupons so if we play this one right it could be a money maker! I am so excited for this deal!

Freebie Wednesday at Arbys

Remember today is Freebie Wednesday at Arbys! Today with the purchase of any sandwich you can get a free Iced FruiTea. Click here, to read more about Arby's freebie Wednesdays and see their summer calendar.


Free Chocolate Milk

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 | | 2 comments
On coupons Group A if you type in the zip code as 63090 there is a coupon for a FREE 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk with the purchase of one gallon of white milk! Thanks to hip2save

Wendy's Frosty Deal

On Wendy's website HERE you can play Twist my Frosty to win up to $10,000. Everyone who plays gets a $1 off coupon! Yummy! My 2-year old just saw what I was doing and is crying for one now! Guess I know where we are going later tonight!

P&G Samples

When you go to the P&G website HERE they have an option to become a member. When you join you can sign up for lots of FREE samples and coupons. Take a look here to sign up!

Thank you to deal seeking mom!

Jamba Juice

Here is a coupon for B1G1 FREE on any smoothie at Jamba Juice! Vaild thru 8/9/09! Click HERE for your coupon!

Free Candy Bars

Mars Candy Bars are on sale this week at Walgreens for
.49. with the in-store ad coupon (limit 6).
Combine it with the $1/2 coupon from RP 7/26 and you get some FREE chocolate candy bars! Happy day for me! Free chocolate and it isn't even a Friday!
Buy 6 candy bars, hand them 3 $1/2 coupons, the in store ad coupon and you'll end up with 6 candy bars for FREE! Yummy!
Remember you can combine store coupons with manufactures coupon to get even more she shops smart savings!

Old Navy 50% off Clearance!

Monday, July 27, 2009 | | 1 comments
If you have kids now can be a great time to go stock up on the summer clothes for next year. Old Navy has a 50% off SALE on the CLEARANCE items. Check with the store near you to make sure that they are participating.

Ben and Jerry's BOGO

Check this out! Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!
Ben & Jerry's is having a Buy One Get One Free Sundaes on Monday!

The fine print says: Please mention this offer at time of order to receive discount.

Free sundae only applies to equal or lesser value.
Offer expires August 31, 2009!
To get all the details or to find a Ben & Jerry's location near you click here


Mocha Monday Freebie

Starting Monday, July 13 you can get a free 7oz iced or 8oz hot mocha from 7am to 7pm every Monday through August 3. If you buy one on your own it is 12oz. Maybe this will help you jumpstart your Monday morning.

Free Total Cereal Sample

Sunday, July 26, 2009 | | 0 comments
Here is a link to receive a FREE sample of Total's new cereal, Blueberry Pomegranate

*Free samples of Total® Blueberry Pomegranate cereal are limited so sign up quickly. Limit one sample per household.
All fields required.
You must be 18 years of age or older to receive this sample.
Offer limited in the Unites States.
Offer good while supplies last

Walgreens 7-26/8-1

Weekly Deals

Pepsi products, 12 packs
Sale: 2.75
Use: In Ad Manufacturer Coupon required
Final Price: 2.75

Kleenex Puffs Tissue, 60 tp 108 ct, Limit 3
Sale: .99
Use: In Ad "Store" Coupon required.
Also use: Kleenex Facial Tissue, any .50/3 or any (1) Bundle Pack, excluding individual Kleenex Pocket Packs or Juniors Tissue DND (8-31-09) SS-7/12
Final Price: .82

Pantene Hair Care, 1.7 to 14 oz
Sale: 3.33
Use: Pantene Hair Care Products, any $1/2 (7-31-09) P&G-6/7; Pantene Styler or Treatment FREE when you buy any Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner (7-31-09) P&G-7/5
Final Price: $2.73+FREE item

Charmin Bath Tissue, 6 Big Rolls, Limit 2
Sale: 3.49
Use: In Ad "Store" Coupon required.
Also Use: Charmin Product, any .25/1 (7-31-09) P&G-7/5 and P&G-6/7
Final Price: 3.24

Weekly RR Deals
Tide Detergent, 20 to 40 loads
Sale: 6.49
RR: Buy 1 get $1RR
Also use: Tide Detergent, any $1/1 (7-31-09) P&G-7/5
Final Price: 4.49

Conair Gel Grips Hair Dryer
RR: Buy 1 get a $10 RR
Final Price: $4.99
Oral B Indicator Toothbrush or Crest Toothpaste
Sale: 2/$5
RR: Buy 2 and get $2 RR
Also Use: $1/1 Oral B 7/5 P&G
Final Price: $.50 each
Month Long Deals
Goody Ouchless Flex Headband
Use$$1.00 printable HERE
Also Use: 3.99 rebate printed at checkout
Final Price: $1.00 overage

Other Coupons in Sunday's Paper

Yeah for us! More Albertson's "Twice the Value" coupons! They are valid 7/26-7/28
Daily Herald pg A4
Deseret News pg A17
Salt Lake Tribune pg A6
Are you new to she shops smart? Click here to read about Twice the Value coupons.


We have meet so many of you wonderful readers who are saving so much money on groceries, but also running blogs and businesses of your own. We feel honored to have meet so many talented bloggers and entrepenuers. The talent out there is incrdible and we catch ourselves spending HOURS on your blogs. She Shops Smart is coming up on it's 500th post and we would like to do some give aways in honor of the first 500 posts! We have some awesome things lined up, but wanted to give our readers an opportunity to show case some of what they have to show off.

If you have something you would like to giveaway e-mail us at Nothing is too small or big, All talent is worth showcasing!

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