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Saturday, March 7, 2009 |
My wonderful sister in law, Amy just barley started using Grocery Smarts and look how well she did! Keep it up girl, you'll start to see even more savings after your 3-4 months stock up phase!

"I spent 168.59, saved 176.04. Most of that was store savings and Catalina coupons, because I haven't got my papers yet!"
Thats a 52% savings without coupons!!!!!


Allison said...

OK so I now get FIVE Sunday newspapers so I have TONS of coupons! Now what do I do??? Can I use all of the coupons I have? Like if I have 5 coupons for $1.00 one item can I buy 5 of those items and save $1.00 off each? And what is the difference between one per customer and one per purchase? I assume one per customer means you can only buy one but does one per purchase me an as long as I have a coupon for each of the items I can use them all? Please email me at I'd love to come to a class. I live in Tremonton. So I'd be willing to come to one you are holding rather than you come up here. Let me know. Thanks a bunch, Allison

Mitchell Family said...

Hi Allison! I am so glad you've got your coupons! You're on your way to saving tons. Yes, since you have multiple coupons if a product is on sale, lets say Dawn dish soap, for $1 and your have a $1 off coupon on one, you can buy 5 Dawn dish soaps in the same transation, use all 5 of your $1 off coupons and it will make all 5 soaps free!
And yes, one per customer usually means that. For example Roberts has a 40% off coupon that comes in the paper. It says it is one per customer, so you can use the coupon 1 time a visit or transaction depending on what the coupon states. If a coupon says one per purchase it means one per product. So the dish soap, you can only use one coupon on ONE dish soap, but again you have 5 so use all 5 in the same transation! I have had a lot of people mention they would like to just attend a class. I will try an set one up where any one who wants can come. I'll keep you posted, but please feel free to call me if you need any help and if this post doesn't make sense let me know!!! 801-369-0667

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