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Are Coupons Worth it?

Saturday, April 18, 2009 |
Here are two of Sheshopssmart reader's recent experiences with coupons! I would dare say coupons ARE worth it!

This is from my good friend Emily. We both looked into Grocery Smarts at the same time and had our concerns. Needless to say we are both completley obsessed. Thanks Emily! Here is her story!

Here is my last trip to Albertsons. I had "baby" with me.....-- making my cart look hilarious! Baby fills most of it so I layed chips and light things on his lap and on top of his car seat. I should have taken a picture at the store. People probably thought that there was something wrong with me, or that I was afraid I would never see a grocery store again. They can think whatever they want though.

I roll up to the check stand and the cashier says WOW you are buying a lot. I said UH HUH and I have a TON of coupons. I like to warn them. I feel like when I dont, that they get a little bit snippy with me. So, she scans it all, then takes my coupons. AND THE FUN BEGAN!

So, the Preferred card does its thing in the computer and after a few I think she probably thought this is dumb and this girl is a tight-wad. Then I said we just passed the saved $100 point she looked at me in disbelief. It was the funniest look I think a cashier has ever given me. Then we hit 120. She goes- "how did your organize this?" I tell her about the system but she says she doesnt have time to work with coupons. I tell her she does and that its easy! Savings hit $ 150!

It was a very fun day! I feel like a total dork sometimes and I love it! On your blog you had a list of things that you said about being obsessed- what made me really laugh is that I was going to post a list on my blog and it had like all the same things. Right down to the dream about grocery shopping (mine was a nightmare- I didnt have my coupons or wallet).

Last week I left the store with the biggest grin on my face, feeling so happy that I was able to buy things at such a deal. Anyway...sorry about the novel I have just written you. It is dumb but I could seriously talk about savings all day long! I love it! My picture is missing 3 other gallons of milk, 3 bags of shrimp and a turkey and 4 pkgs of cheese. There just was not room on the counter, and "baby" was hungry and done watching mom stare at groceries.

I bought
3 boxes rice krispies
9 boxes of jello
3 dh cake mixes
5 stove top stuffings
3 ragu sauces
2 5-pack mac and cheese
2 kraft mayo
1 box honey bunches
1 box honeycomb
2 bags chips
2 boxes fruit snacks
1 Lysol wipes
1 Lysol toilet bowl cleaner
1 box ice cream cones
6 bc frostings
4 boxes wheat thins
1 bag of bakers coconut
2 bags of marshmellows
3 pkgs of brown sugar
1 bottle ketchup
1 box ritz crackers
3 boxes of butter
6 frozen bags broccoli
3 tubs cool whip
3 cartons of ice cream
3 jars of peanut butter
4 bottles of vaseline lotion
2 deodrant
2 boxes of razors
1 pkg huggies
infant tylenol and nose drops
1 pair pantyhose
1 Land o Lakes tub of butter
4 blocks of cheese
3 2lb bags of shrimp (FREE) and
1 FREE turkey,
2 Free gallons of milk as well as
2 print outs for 10% off on next trips.

drum roll please...

spent: $125.37 ( went over budget due to MEGA SALE- definitely a VEGAS week for me)
BUT I SAVED (drum roll please)
Saved: $211.95
THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It makes me smile just thinking about it! Ok, thats enought rambling. Love ya,
P.S. we are starting to have a full pantry that can be shopped from.... I have found LOVE! hahahaha

This is from Amanda. I just barley taught her how to use Grocery Smarts. Look how amazing she is doing! Way to go girl. You don't need any more practice to make perfect! You are already there!
2-Hamburger Buns
1-Hot Dog Bun
1-Loaf of Bread
4-Bags of Easter Candy
2-Packages of Peeps
1-Bag of Potatoes
2-Bags of Marshmallows
4-Bags of Chips
2-No Bake Jell-o Cheesecakes
3-Rice Krispies
2-Frosted Mini Wheats
4-Pasta Sides
1-Teddy Grahams
2-Tropicana Orange Juice
10-Lg. Jell-o
5-Kraft Dressings
3-Wish-Bone Dressings
2-Ritz Crackers
4-ALL Laundry Detergent
2-Blue Bonnet Butter Tubs
6-Betty Crocker Frostings
6-Bisquick Shake & Pour Pancakes
10-Single Serve Mac-N-Cheese
5-Duncan Hines Cake Mixes
6-Philly Cream Cheese
2-Mentos Gum
2-Extra Gum
2-Cool Whip
2-Taco Bell Salsa
3-Ragu Pasta Sauce
20-Ben & Jerry’s Single Serve Ice Cream
2-Packages of Bacon
1-Hot Dog
2-Kraft Ind. Wrap Single Cheese
2-Precious String Cheese
4-Halls Cough Drops
1-Dr. Pepper
1-Mtn. Dew
1-Root Beer
2-Capri Sun
1-Lunch Meat
4-Kraft Shredded Cheese
5-AXE Shower Gels
1-Huggies Wipe
1-Huggies Diapers Jumbo
1-Similac Formula
When the cashier got done entering everything the total was $600.86. My heart dropped then I handed her my Preferred Card and my coupons and it was like I hit the jackpot!! It dropped down to $216.11 I was so excited I clapped for myself!!!Then I got my gas credit and I only paid 96 cents per gallon for my gas!!I bought 196 items so average cost per item was 91 cents.

WOW That is a savings of 65% Way to go!- I love that you have so many groceries you had to take multiple pictures!!!


Our story said...

So I did a horrible job compared to everyone else.I will get better at this,I promised myself and Tim after reading this.

Mitchell Family said...

You will get better every time I promise! I cried my first couple shopping trips I did so bad.

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