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Weekly Shopping Trip

Thursday, April 23, 2009 |
I had a great shopping week. Here is my show and tell!
1 El Fudge Cookie
1 Grasshopper Cookies
4 boxes Rice Krispy Treats
1 box Froot Loops
1 box Apple Jacks
1 box Rice Krispys Cereal
1 Box Honey Smacks
6 Boxes Popcorn
2 Hunts Spagetti Sauce
2 cans Pam Cooking Spray
3 packs Hunts Puddings
5 marie callendars Pot Pies
2 Boxes Cinnamon Toast crunch
1 Box Coco Puffs
1 Kraft Bageful
6 Reusable Grocery Bgas
2 Gallons Milk
Tillamock Cheese
Welch's Juice
Boneless Skinless Chciekn Breasts
1 Liter Diet Dr.Pepper
1 Mccormikcs Seasoning
2 Bags Goldfish
Percentage Saved:70%
Items Purchased:51
Avg Cost Per item:.68 cents

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