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Case Lot Sales vs Coupons

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 |
Prepared LDS Family has done some AMAZING research on case lot sales! Here are the dates of the ongoing and upcoming case lot sales.

Harmon's: Aug. 31 - Sept. 20
Smith's: Sept. 9 usually lasts 2 weeks
Macey's, Dick's, Dan's, Bowman's, Kent's, Winegar's: Sept. 16 - Oct. 6
Lin's: end of October

Not only did Prepared LDS Family find out the dates of the sale, but she also put together this incredible document that COMPARES the different stores prices! I just spent an hour awing over all her hard work!

She compares almost EVERY store and their prices on case lot items. She Has Costco, Sam's Club, Smith's, Walmart, Macey's and MORE!
This is going to come in handy the next couple weeks!

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