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Cyber Monday

Monday, November 30, 2009 |
Did anyone else make it to Black Friday? I had so much fun and scored some HOT deals! Here I am at Toys R Us with 10,000 other people. The store had no idea that so many people would be there at midnight and it was INSANE! I ran into so many of you there and had a great time chatting with you! If you are disappointed that you didn't make it to the sales on Friday your okay because today is.......Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is known as the busiest online shopping day. I have to admit I love Cyber Monday because I can sit at home and score all the deals with just a simple click. No crazy hours or long lines. The only thing I worry about is that the item is what I really want without seeing it in person. If you are interested in shopping the Cyber Monday deals be sure to check out,

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