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Confessions of a Couponer

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 |
Sometimes I just cant help but laugh about how excited I get over deals I score using coupons and along with sale prices. It doesn't seem to matter how many coupons I have used, or how many shopping trips I have saved big on, I still get all giddy about the ability to save TONS of money using coupons. The shopping trip does not even have to be a big trip to make me feel this way. Sometimes it may only be a couple of bags, sometimes TONS. Either way I smile!

My confession this week is that when I got home from the store I unpacked my things but did not get right to putting them where they belong. I left them sitting on the kitchen table where I could just admire them for a little while. I love looking at the items I have purchased in "bulk" for less than half of the regular retail price. It sounds silly, but I would be willing to bet some of you fellow coupon users are guilty of this as well. Thats right, I just left them there to look at for a little bit. Not long enough that my husband wondered what I was doing, just long enough to smile for a few extra minutes. 

As I am writing this, the items have now been jammed into to the cupboards wherever I could find room, organized and put away. 
This particular item was a 4 star sale item. I usually try and focus on 5 stars sales however, after receiving a $3 off- ONSO coupon (from purchasing 4 boxes cereal and getting FREE milk at Smiths). I then used that coupon to make the total for these 3 babies $5.19. Which I thought was great when they have a regular price of $4.25 ea.  

These 3 bottles of detergent have yet to make their way to the laundry room so they are the only thing I had out to take a picture of, but the picture still makes me smile! So, will you admit it-You have done it too? You may not have taken a picture, but you have stood and admired your groceries, maybe even delayed putting things away so you could just look at them? 


Vic said...

I'm such a bargain shopper. I often rub in it;) The joys of living in a great town:)I recently counted how many loads I actually did. 23-so the bottles that say 52 loads-lie! I did it up to the line too....boogers!

Debbie said...

I do the same thing sometimes. I also enjoy looking at my receipt over and over too. I always go through my receipt to make sure I got everything for the right price, and it always makes me smile seeing how much I saved. My husband could really care less, but I love couponing, and I love saving money and getting great deals!

Amy Workman said...

Not only do I leave things out, but I drag my poor husband over to admire my purchases as well! Right now my sister-in-law is living with us while she goes to school and she just laughs. :) I don't care - I LOVE COUPONING!

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