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Monday, June 14, 2010 |

Welcome to our new web page!

She Shops Smart was started in February of 2009. More than a year later, after couponing our way out of debt Emily and I had a conversation where we shared with each other how tired we were. We had become exhausted with the idea of blogging, teaching coupon classes 4-5 times a week and being mothers and wives. We took a short blogging break only to realize how much we loved our blog (our 4th child), but we knew we needed to make a change so we could really enjoy what we were doing.

At the beginning of the year my oldest son was diagnosed with Autism. I quickly found that there was going to be so much to learn in order to help him. This spurred new goals for me, which included further coupon use in order to afford the costly treatments ($1800 A MONTH!) that insurance would not cover, as well as much research on the topic. We also had to change our families diet dramatically to meet his special nutritional needs.

Emily has always had a serious interest in saving money, nutritious eating, and healthy living. Many times she found that coupons seemed to be used to purchase processed and junk foods and this is not what she wanted to focus on purchasing when there are coupons available for all different kinds of products. Emily really enjoys finding coupons and ways to save money on the "nutritious stuff" and preparing meals that she knows are good for her family.

We combined our passions and Couponing for Autism and Healthy Families was born. This new website/blog is everything we could have ever envisioned. We are so excited for this new coupon journey we are embarking on. We are still the same girls sharing with you ways to save money for what may seem impossible, but just on our new web site!
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Cassie and Alex - The Thrifty Couple said...

We are so excited for you and your new site is awesome! We have loved being bloggin' buddies and look forward to the future of our blogging adventures with you and your new site!

Congratulations!!! Again, Love It!!

Lee Ann Setzer said...

Blessings on your autism journey. It's long, confusing, hard...but never boring! And there are things our little guys have to teach us and the world that we'd never find out any other way.

You may want to check out the LDS_Autism yahoogroup. They may be able to point you to local GFCF resources.

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