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Kmart Doubles Health and Beauty Coupons this Week

Sunday, July 4, 2010 |
This week Kmart is doubling Health and Beauty coupons. Be sure to check here to see if your Kmart is participating in this event or you could even call your local store to check.

Here are some details to know before heading out:

  • You will have to have a shoppers rewards card and scan it before your transaction (I signed up right at the register)
  • You can only double 5 coupons per customer per day
  • Only coupons up to $2 will be doubled
I myself do not go to Kmart when they double coupons. I find that 5 coupons isn't worth my drive. I also think that Kmart's prices are higher than many other stores.

If you do decide to do some shopping Bargain Blessings has a list of potential match ups with some items that end up being FREE!

If you end up going let us know how your experience is! We will be anxiously waiting to hear what our readers thought about the event.

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Amy said...

I went to Kmart for the first time since I've been couponing yesterday. It was such a hassle! I went to the Draper Kmart and the cashiers were very confused and disorganized. I was only getting a few things, but it took me so long. I don't know if shopping there is worth it.

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