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What is Grocery Smarts Role

Thursday, February 12, 2009 |
Grocery Smarts is a free website that compiles all the grocery store ads that come to your home and puts them into one easy document. You can select any grocery store that you shop at and Grocery Smarts will bring up a page that allows you to see what items are in the ads, what the sale price is, the rate of the sale price (between 1-5 stars), what coupons to use when purchasing the item and then it gives you the actual price you'll pay for the item.
This website is incredibly easy to use. You can make your grocery list by highlighting the items from the list, ad notes and then print it off. You take take your list and coupons and off to the store you go!
Grocery Smarts does a spectacular job compiling these lists each week. Take advantage of a free website that does all the work for you! It's so much fun to grocery shop and as you walk up and down the aisles you'll see people just like you with the exact same lists!

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Anonymous said...

I just did my first shopping trips this week, and I couldn't believe how many women were there shopping with their lists and stack of coupons in It just cracked me up...I had never noticed before...

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