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What to do after you get all those coupons in the paper

Monday, March 9, 2009 |
I have had a few readers ask me what to do after they get all those coupons and organize them.

You won't use them all that week. You'll use the coupons when the items go on sale at the store. The coupons in the booklets expire about 5 months after you get them. So hold on to them until then.

Here is a typical weekly shopping experience for me. I log in to Grocery Smarts-link on the right side- and click the store I want to shop at. I typically do this Wednesday morning because I like to shop at Albertson's and their ads run from Wednesday at 6 am to Tuesday at 11pm. I go through the list and figure out what items are 4-5 stars. I look in the last column on the left, figure out what coupons to clip, finish making my list, print the list, clip the coupons it tells me to, and head to the grocery store. I know it sounds so simple and that's because it really is! Grocery Smarts makes it so easy for us busy moms on a budget.

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