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Crazy For Coupons

Friday, April 10, 2009 |
You know you're crazy about coupons when....

you check for the Albertson's Preview Monday morning
you yell at your kids when they try and help you cut out coupons
you are eating out and wonder if the restaurant offers coupons
you get up at 6am to hit the first day of a sale
you dream about grocery shopping (yes, this has really happened to me)
you refuse to pay more than a quarter for toothpaste
you are cleaning out shelves to make room for more
you are buying a second freezer (next on my list)
you are buying MORE pantry shelves (trying to convince my hubby)
you call Albertson's to figure out when the restock their shelves
you don't buy it unless there is a coupon for it
you wake up early on Sunday mornings to get your papers
you don't want your neighbors to know why you get multiple Sunday papers
you have a game plan before you get to the store (always head to the GM or cosmetics first)
you get excited to grocery shop
you are proud of your food storage and 72 hour kits

anything else??????

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Anonymous said...

You know you are coupon crazy when you show your receipts off like you would show off a photo of your child.
:) Shelley

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