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Frequently Asked Questions

Monday, April 6, 2009 |
Recently Asked Questions

Questions: Hi Tori! When do the new coupons come out on grocery smarts? Is it tomorrow? The first of the month? Thanks for all your help. Ronda
Answer: The online coupons reset themselves the first of the month

Question: I find myself paying more attention to "a good deal" than before I started using grocery smarts. However I have been using GS for just about a month now and I am not seeing much difference in my pantry. Am I buying the wrong stuff? Oh don’t get me wrong, I have 8 tubes of toothpaste in the bathroom that I only paid $2 total for and I think that is great! But it seems like as soon as I buy the sale items they are gone. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: You’re not doing anything wrong. In a few weeks we will have what we like to call Vegas weeks and you'll end up with tons!!!! Then your pantry will be stocked. I think it also depends how large your family is and how much you are consuming. Be patient. I promise it will work out!

Question: I am not sure I understand the catalina offers. On the albertsons ad, if I buy $10 worth of the items that are greyed out I get $3 off my next trip? So I have to do multiple transactions right? Is the $10 before or after my coupons?
Answer: The Catalina machine can be intimidating, but after you get use to it you’ll love it! The $10 is before coupons, so essentially you’ll figure out how much you’ll spend before coupons or the sale prices. As far as multiple transactions go you’ll need to read the weekly ads to figure out how much you can have off per transaction. So with this $3 off sale the ad will tell you up to $12. Then you’ll know you won’t want to spend more than$40 per transaction and then receive $12 off your purchase. If you have more than $40 you’ll want to do another transaction to continue get $3 off for every $10.

Question: Is there a place where I can put an item in and see where it is on sale for the best price?
Answer: Wow, that would be awesome, but prices change so often that would be impossible to keep track of. My suggestion is to just buy as much as what your looking for when the item goes on sale, so you aren’t constantly looking for the best price on an item. This also eliminates having to run from store to store to get the best prices.
Question: Ok so I have started doing this but I have been hearing that you can get me an awesome deal on papers? I would like to get at least four papers every Sunday. Can you help me out? Natalie
Answer: Yes, I can get you a deal on multiple Sunday papers. The cost depends on what Utah paper delivers to your area. Just e-mail me your location and will get your papers ordered ASAP!

Question: I attended one of your grocery smart meetings here and I recently received my papers on Sunday and organized my ads as you have said. I also used the link from your web site to see the grocery lists for the different stores. When I looked up Albertsons a lot of the deals require the "in-ad store coupon." What exactly is it meaning by this? Do they just come in their store ads in the Sunday paper (is it from previous Albertsons ads) or where else are these located? I didn't see that many "coupons" (there was the Mac and Cheese + three others on the front of the Albertsons ad on the right side.) in the Albertsons paper this Sunday, and they expire3/31/09. I didn't see any other ads or "coupons" for Albertsons. Did I miss them? I am excited to start this new program and see the expenses decrease.
Answer: Yes, those Albertsons coupons are the "in-store coupons" that are located on the weekly ads themselves. Those coupons are only good for that week. Some of them end up being good deals and some don't 9the list on Grocery Smarts will rate them by the price with coupon), but remember that you can combine a store coupon with a manufactures coupon.

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