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Meal Planning

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 |
I am just heading out to do my shopping and thought I'd post my menu for the week. Here is what we will be eating.

Bacon, Eggs and Orange Juice (all on sale this week)
French Toast and Grapes (using my free French bread and grapes are on sale)

Omelets with ham and onions (using my free eggs and ham and onions on sale this week)

Cinnamon Roll and Milk (on sale this week)

Pop tarts and fresh fruit (pop tarts on sale last week and I scored huge with a 2lb container of cut up fruit for 1.99 at smith's last week on a managers special. I froze it and now I am going to incorporate it into my meals)

Life Cereal and Orange (Cereal last week and Oranges aren't on sale)

Top Ramen and Biscuit (Ramen on sale this week, and I still have some biscuits left over)

Suddenly salad kits and Turkey Sandwiches (all on sale last week, except for bread and lettuce I need to buy this week)

Fish Sticks and tater tots (Fish sticks this week, tater tots last week)

Peaches and Croissant (Both on sale this week)

Chef Boyardee and Fresh Fruit Smoothies (On sale this week and I am using my fruit I had froze from last week)

Marinated Steaks with Potatoes and French Bread (If you check the bottom of your Albertson's receipts a lot of times they have Free french bread if you take their survey. It seriously takes me like 2 min and almost every time I go I end up with free french bread)

Ribs, Suddenly Salad and baked apples (All on sale last week, but ribs are on sale again too)

Ham, Au Gratin Potatoes and Birds Eye Fresh steamer vegetables(Ham this week, Potatoes are Betty Crocker box I bought a while ago and I bought the vegetables 3 weeks ago on sale)

Turkey Pot Pies (Turkey this week, I am using my biscuits as crust, so all I need are carrots and celery)

Hawaiian Hay Stacks (rice, ham and pineapple this week, cream of chicken soup on hand,and I need to buy the crunchy noodles for on top)

Pizza and Salad (Pizza last week and I need to buy lettuce)

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The Prices said...

You are so creative! I feel like I get stuck in a rut when it comes to planning meals. It seems like we eat the same things over and over. I am hoping that by using Grocery Smarts I can change that and have a little variety. Thanls for all your postings I really enjoy them.

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