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Did you Know?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 |
Yesterday I was checking out at the grocery store and there was a "newbie" in front of me.
(We have all been there, nervous, trying to make sure things really ring up and the right price and trying to be as nice to the checker as possible.)
She seemed flustered and out of sorts, so I began helping her. Her total came to an amazing price, then she handed over her coupons. I was shocked at how many rules she asked the checker to break and how many "illegal" moves she tried pulling out! As she left and I started checking out, my checker proceeded to tell how awful the last few day had been at the store because people were asking the checkers to do all kinds of CRAZY things.
I couldn't help, but feel like I wish everyone knew how good this really is without having to "cheat" the system.
I want to make sure that all my readers are well educated of the "coupon" rules, so stores will be relieved not afraid when you say your from Grocery Smarts!
I also want people to know that as long as we do follow the rules, we wont run into issues, where stores will quit taking Internet printables, coupons, limiting transactions, or even be afraid of Grocery Smarts gals!
So ..... Did you Know?
  • Photo coping coupons is illegal- Stores are paid face value plus .8 cents per coupon. If you photocopy them, they will not be reimbursed for them. That is considered stealing or coupon fraud.
  • You can only print 2 IPs (internet printables) per computer or HOUSEHOLD! Most grocery stores are very aware of the 2 per household rule and will limit you to 2. That is for their own protection. They need to make sure that they are reimbursed for them.
  • There are more grocery stores than Albertsons? LOL. I know a lot if people have been e-mailing about the lack of items left on the shelves at Albies. Don't panic, you can take your ad and go to Walmart where they will price match the item. Just make sure you have the ad with you!
  • If a store is out of an item they will issue you a rain check for the sale price and you can use your coupons with it, as long as they don't expire, next time you go shopping!
  • Everything goes on sale AGAIN! No sale is the BEST sale ever. I promise it will go on sale again
  • It isn't nice to harass the checkers and ask them to "bend" rules for you, no matter how nice, or how much you flirt with them!
  • We need to follow the coupons rules. Don't try and use it after its expired, or double it when it says not to
  • If a coupon says only 3 per family, per shopping trip---follow that rule.. You will end up holding up the lines, getting more items that someone else who follows the rules could be getting or even making stores second guess their decision to let people use coupons!
  • It is okay to help a "newbie"
  • You are still saving a TON of money, even though you didn't get that ONE free item! LOL
  • That if we follow the rules and continue to not "abuse" the system" this will keep working and we will be able to keep saving money on groceries!
  • It helps to be organized before you get to the check out. Take an extra minuet and make sure your on budget and have things in the order you want them

Most of all HAVE FUN shopping and keep sending me in all your great pictures with your savings and out of pocket costs! Keep up the savings guys! I am so proud of my "She Shops Smart" readers!


Stephanie said... I pretty much am already addicted, and maybe overboard...but I'm seriously in shock about how much I can get everything I was already buying.... We've been trying to pay off bills...I work full time, my husband works full time and part time...but, my husband just cut back on working one night a week because I have been saving so much money. Thank you :)
Oh...and thanks for the tip about Walmart. I forget they price match and I was frustrated last week Albertson's was out of something I wanted. :)

tammy said...

question/comment: I was at Albies yesterday, and I had recently gotten some Smith's coupons in the mail. I tried to use a particular coupon that stated "manufacturer's coupon" (as opposed to "store coupon"). The checker and manager was strictly against me using the coupon because it had a competitor's logo on it, EVEN THOUGH it clearly stated "manufacturer's coupon" on the top. She had me read their coupon policy, which did not address the issue, and finally allowed me to use the coupon. Has this ever happened to you? Can't "manufacturer's coupons" be used anywhere??

Tyler and Shawna said...

Thank you for keeping it in perspective. I haven't had much fun doing the coupon shopping these past few weeks and after reading your comments on doing it right, I figured out that I was trying too hard to get the "BEST" deal instead of just following grocery smarts and saving a ton of money in the process. Thanks for the reminder!

Allyson said...

I am a "newbie" and on my first time I saved $21.00. Its not a ton but still! I'm sure after a few months of doing this I will be as good as you!(mabye...)

punkie said...

One of the checkers at Albertson's in Spanish Fork told me the other day that she wished that someone could get a hold of the manager and let her know what was going to be on sale so she could stock more stuff. I didn't have the top slip to rip off my list-already used it. Maybe she needs this class too!! The next time I went the manager was already gone. I'll keep trying to get her the info. Maybe everyone else can help too and they'll be more prepared.

Rachael said...

Thanks for the post!

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