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The Value of Coupons

Thursday, May 21, 2009 |
Load all you groceries onto the conveyor belt! The checker tells you the total and you want to die! I had one girl tell me her total came to $600.00 and she told the checker that if she didn't get it under $200 she was walking away! I would have done the same! Next give them your preferred savings/fresh values shopping card. A LOT of money will come off your total! Then you hand over your "valuable coupons"! Did you know that coupons are actually considered a payment method! Coupons are just like cash and should be treated like that! If you click here on my monthly report card page you can see that coupons have saved ME over $1070 in the last 3 months! I know incredible! Coupon are like a currency all on their own. I LOVE IT! I don't consider my self obsessed or paranoid about coupons I just consider myself a stay at home mom who should be trying to find ways to help my family use money other places. With the amount of money coupons have saved me, it pays for me to be a stay at home mom! The little bit of extra work clipping those coupons before I go shopping saves me TONS! By the way the girl got her total to a little over $200 and the checker asked her, "Did you want to put some stuff back?" The girl chuckled and said, "No! It's fine".

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