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Cleaning House

Monday, June 22, 2009 |
Okay, its time to throw away inserts from our file folders. Here are the inserts you can toss out. It's be a while since I have done it, so bear with me. I promise I will start to update this monthly!
Only throw away these inserts if you haven't already! No other ones! Instead of throwing away all the expired coupons, here is a previous post I made about a GREAT alternative and service to military families.

RP - 2/8 Purina Puppy on the front
P&G - 2/8 Mom & Son with Valentine on front
SS - 2/22 Eye Masters advertisement on front
RP - 2/22 Nature's Pride bread on front
P&G - 3/1 Dr. and Baby on front
P&G - 3/15 Woman wearing lavender shirt on front
SMITH’S 3/22- Smiths ad on front
P&G - 4/5 Child reading on front

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