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My Show and Tell

Sunday, June 28, 2009 |
I love weeks like this one. It seems like the stores I shop at had the things I was running low on on sale! Saturday morning I got up early and went to collect up all my fun items! I hardly ever go to more than one store, but there were some steals I just couldn't let go without buying!

At Target I spent: $13.50 and saved: $55.10 and I walked away with a $5 Target g.c. If you factor in the g.c I only spent $8.50 0n:
4 Gillette Fusion Razors
4 Gillette Body Washes
3 Bounty Paper Towels
At Walgreens I spent $9.77 and saved $9.73. I also walked away with (2) $3 RR. With that factored in I only spent $3.77!
At Albertson's I spent $68.87 and saved $217.09. That's a 76% savings! Oh I love saving money!


Kristy said...

So what do I do if I only got SS and didn't get RP?

Kristy said...

So what do I do if I only got the SS and not the RP?

Mitchell Family said...

You need to call the paper and let them know. They will send over the coupons over to you. I think it's to late to have them sent over today, but by tomorrow.

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