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Walgreens 6/28-7/4

Monday, June 29, 2009 |
Here are some weekly deals at Walgreen's this week. No 5 star items, but a few four star items.

Here are this weeks Walgreens Deals:

Item: Dawn Dish Liquid, 10.3 oz, Limit 2
Sale: .99
Use: Dawn, any size .25/1 (7-31-09) P&G-6/7
Final Price: .74

Item: OB Tampons, 40 ct
Sale: 3.99
Use:O.B. product, any except trial size $1/1 (6-30-09) RP-4/26
Final Price: 2.99

Item: Stayfree Pads, 28 to 48 ct
Sael: 3.99
Use: Stayfree products, any $2/2 (6-30-09) RP-4/26
Final Price: WYB2 2.99

Here are there Month Long Registry Rewards Deals:
Item:Ban Deodorant
Sale: $1.50 each
Get: $1 Register Rewards WYB2
Use: $0.40/1 6/7 SS
Final Price: $0.60 each after coupons and Register Rewards

Item: Carmex
Sale: $2.99
Get: $2 Register Rewards
Final Price: $0.99 each after Register Rewards

Item: Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Powder (1.5 oz)S
ale: $1 each
Get: $1 Register Rewards WYB2
Use: $1/1 3/8 RP or 4/26 RP
Final Price: Free plus $1 in overage after coupons and Register Rewards

Item: Oreo Cakesters
Sale: $2.50 each
Get: $3 Register Rewards WYB2
Use: $1/1 6/14 SS
Final Price: Free after coupons and Register Rewards

Item: Purex 3-in-1S
ale: $5.99
Get: $2 Register Rewards
Use: $2/1 6/14 SS
Final Price: $1.99 after coupon and Register Rewards


Anonymous said...

Hey Tori,
What does WYB2 mean? Are Register reward just like a catalina?

Mitchell Family said...

Yes, they are just coupons that print out.

Mitchell Family said...

When you buy 2

Kelly said...

Tori, do you have to buy all the items separately to get each register rewards or can you buy each of the items (not same product) together. So for example can I buy the deoderant, carmex and purex all together and still get each reward paid out?

Mitchell Family said...

Yes, a RR will print out for each item, but be aware the you can't have more coupouns than items and if you try to buy baby powder in one transaction and then use that RR to buy another one, the RR won't print out. Walgreens can be tricky, but will save you lots if you can get the hang of it. I teach a coupon 202 class that goes in depth about Walgreens. If you host a class you get an invite to the 202 class.

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