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Meal Planning/Scenario

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 |
This week I am going to show you exactly how I plan my meals, their cost and what items I had on hand and what items I needed to stock up on.
(I highlighted the things I have to buy to make my meals work in pink. )

Yogurt and Toast
.29 for yogurt
$1.67 for a loaf of Grandma Sycamores bread

Cereal and Peaches
FREE Frosted Flakes last week
Peaches are on sale for 2lbs for $1
Omelets and Juice
Eggs $1.50 for doz., cheese on sale 2lbs/$3.99, and I have some bacon in the freezer
Simply Lemonade was on sale last week for $1.00
Pancakes and Chocolate Milk
Shake and Pours were on sale for .50 on the last G.M sale
Chocolate milk was FREE with my doubles at Albertson's last week
Oatmeal and Fruit
I have a huge stockpile of oatmeal
Kiwi is on sale for $6 for $1
Eggo Bakeshops
.50 at Target , they are still on sale too

Yogurt, Crackers and Fruit Snacks
Yogurt (price shown at breakfast)
Ritz Crackers are $2.49+ a FREE box of wheat thins
Slices of cheese (shows cost at breakfast)
Fruit Snacks on sale for .99
Tuna Sandwiches
Tuna on hand (on sale for .75 last week)
Mayo (FREE in May)
Pickles (.50 for 46 oz last week)
Bread (you can see the cost at breakfast)
Hot Pockets
.89 this week
Macaroni and Cheese
It is literally coming out my ears, but it was FREE last week and .37 this week
Peanut Butter and Jelly, Grapes and Capri Sun
Bread (at breakfast)
Grapes .88 lb
Peanut butter FREE last week
Jelly homemade
Capri Suns FREE last week with the doubles
Michelina's Budget Gourmet with celery sticks and ranch
.50 (my kids love the pizza rolls)
Celery is .89 this week

Spaghetti, homemade meatballs and green beans
Noodles (.25 for lb of American Beauty pasta in March. I bought a years worth for under $10)
Ground Beef on sale for .89lb
Stuffing I have on hand
Sauce I have on hand, but if you didn't it's $1.00 this week
Green beans I have one can last from last years garden. It was perfect timing because I can see my green beans starting on my plants in the garden!
BBQ Chicken
Chicken- on hand
BBQ sauce- FREE this week and a lot of other weeks =)
I cook it in the crock pot and then since it was an easy dinner and FREE, this is the night I would say lets go get snow cones or something FUN!
Marie Calendar Pasta bowls
My husband LOVES these and there on sale for $1.00 this week, but have been on sale less than that a few weeks ago.
Grilled Paninis
Bread (I have some homemade Panini bread in the freezer I made0
Cheese (cost shown at breakfast)
Basil (In my garden)
Tomato's (In my garden)
Bacon on hand, I can't remember when I bought it but it was a great price at the butcher block a couple months ago and I am on my last package. I hope it goes on sale soon!
Make your own pizza night
I use the same dough I made for Paninis so I have some in the freezer already, but a great substitute is Pillsbury's ready made pizza dough for about $2.50
Cheese (cost shown at breakfast)
Sausage (on hand)
Ground beef (cost shown above)
Pizza sauce (cost shown above)
Cherries $1.69lb
Granola bars $1.49 a box

cheese and crackers (cost shown above)
Chips and Salsa chips $1.88 and salsa is on sale for .49
Ice cream sandwich cookies
Breyers Ice Cream FREE last week with my double coupon
Cookie Dough $1.25 this week
$1.60 for Graham Crackers, Chocolate and Marshmallows last week
Shopping List
Celery .89= .89
Red Cherries $1.69lb= $1.69
Yogurt Dannon Light and Fit .39x10= $3.90
Pillsbury Cookie dough $2.50x 2= $5.00
Santana's Tortilla Chips $1.88
Hot Pockets 6 boxes x $1.39= $8.34
Michelina's Budget Gourmet .50x4= $2.00
Wheat Thins FREE when I buy Ritz Crackers below
Buy 10 Get 5 off items
Kellogg's Special K Bars $1.99
Kellogg's Fruit snacks $1.99x2= $3.98
Marie Callender's dinners - Pasta Al Dente $2.50x3= $7.50
Reser's Baja Cafe salsa $1.99x2= $4.00
Ritz Crackers $2.99
Tillamook Cheese 2 lb $5.49
Total Before Coupons $49.65
-$1.00 off 10 yogurt SS 6/21
-$1.25 Pillsbury cookie dough IP on list
-$1.25 Pillsbury cookie dough IP on list
.50 off 1 Hot Pocket SS 5/17
.50 off 1 Hot Pocket SS 5/17
.50 off 1 Hot Pocket SS 5/17
.50 off 1 Hot Pocket SS 5/17
.50 off 1 Hot Pocket SS 5/17
.50 off 1 Hot Pocket SS 5/17
- $5.00 for Buy 10 participating Epic items
.50 off for Kellogg's Fruit Snacks IP on list
.50 off for Kellogg's Fruit Snacks IP on list
$1.00 off Pasta Al Dente SS 5/17
$1.00 off Pasta Al Dente SS 5/17
$1.00 off Pasta Al Dente SS 5/17
$1.00 of Salsa IP on list
$1.00 of Salsa IP on list
$1.00 off for Tillamock Cheese IP on list
- $2.00 Doubled coupons found in ad
Total After Coupons: $29.15
Buy Low Market
Kiwi 6 for $1.00= $1.00
Peaches 2lb for $1.00= $1.00
Grapes .89lb x1= .89
Ground Beef .89 lb x 5lb= $4.40
Bread $1.67
Total $8.87
Grand Total for the Entire Meal Plan, plus stocking up on a few things
Here is another scenarios for under $5 this week:

Albertson's Scenario
2 Kraft BBQ sauce .992 Kraft salad dressing $1.99 x 2
2 Marie Callender's dinners - Pasta Al Dente $2.50 x 2
2 Reser's Baja Cafe salsa $1.99 x 2
2 Weber Grilling Spices $1.99 x 2

Total Before Coupons: $18.92

- 50 for BBQ sauce
-.50 for BBQ sauce
-$1.00 for Dressing
$1.00 for Dressing
-$1.00 for Pasta
-$1.00 for Pasta
- $1.00 for Salsa
-$1.00 for Salsa
.50 for Seasoning
-.50 for Seasoning
- $2.00 for double coupons
-$5.00 for buying 10 items

Grand Total After Coupons: $3.82


Emily said...

Yep its offical. Youre AMAZING! Nice meal plan this week! I can not get over how much work you put into this blog-- I LOVE IT!

Katie said...

You truly are amazing. I'm so glad you're willing to share your gift.

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