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Coupons in Sundays Paper- HOT

Sunday, September 13, 2009 |
Wow, I am just getting back into the swing of things from taking a little time off and what a way to come back!!!

There are 5 inserts in my Daily Herald this morning:

1 SS inserts with a mouse saying EEK!
1 SS insert with a woman holding a child
1 RP insert with a girl making cookies
1 RP insert that says $99
1 misc. insert titled "better at home"

In my Salt Lake Tribune and Desert Morning News I had:

2 SS inserts
1 misc. insert titled "better at home"

Remember, the SLT, DMN no longer carries RP in the paper, but rather in the mail. To read more about that click here.

And SURPRISE Albertson's "Twice the Value" coupons. They were on page

They are good from today until 9/15.
This is one of those instances why we recommend have one of each paper if you live in Utah county! The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret Morning Newspapers sometimes carry different coupons. Get ready for a list of match up on how to use those AWESOME "Twice the Value" coupons! The "Twice the Value" coupons can also be found in the St. George Spectrum. If you need to order your paper check out our newspaper deal here.

How do I use Twice the Value Coupons?
Take the "Twice the Value Coupon" Albertsons gave you and take any other manufactures coupon up to $1.00 with you. When you get the the register hand them both coupons and they will double the manufactures coupon up to $1.00 max. The actual coupon usually says they will match the amount of one manufacture coupon. Be aware that some manufactures coupons state "DND" do not double, or not subject to doubling. The "Twice the Value Coupons" also states "One double coupon per manufacture coupon AND Three double coupons per family per shopping trip! Photocopies of this coupon are not accepted."

Are you wondering why we have so many inserts this week? Last week was a holiday so there were no inserts in the paper, this week they are making up for it by doubling up on coupons! You can see the coupon schedule on the right side of this blog.

ALSO, grab that Parade Magazine and pull out the .75/1 Surf laundry detergent, and .75/1 Hormel Completes coupons!


Tiffany said...

So did the Daily Hearld have the Albertsons twice the value coupons?

Tiffany said...

oh also when I was at Albertsons two days ago they had a new sign that said you can only use 2 twice the value coupons per shopping trip :-(

beth said...

This was my first Sunday receiving the Daily Herald and I was so excited!! But I didn't get the SS with the mouse in ANY of my papers! =( Do you know if people frequently have problems with missing inserts?

Ashley said...

My Parade from the Deseret News had the Hormel coupon. The Parade from the Herald did not. Is this how it was for anyone else?

Mitchell Family said...

Nope, no doubles in the Daily Herald.

Mitchell Family said...

My Parade magazine in the Herald is where I found the HormEL coupons.

Mitchell Family said...

Thats okay, sometimes inserts don't get placed the right way, so if you are a subscriber just call and let them know what you were missing.

Ashley said...

That's funny that your Herald Parade had the coupon and mine didn't. It was on page 9 of the DMN Parade, but in the Herald page 9 was an ad for "You Could Win a Fantastic Beac Vacation" from

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