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Meal Planning

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 |
Here is my meal plan for this week. To read about how I plan my meals click here.
This week I am planning my meals around Smith's list.
Omelets, grapes and juice
Toast, oatmeal, and bananas
Pancakes and sausage with milk
Yogurt, peaches, and granola bars
Cereal, bananas and juice
Fruit smoothies and Pop tarts

Top Ramen and zucchini bread
Lunchables at the park with watermelon
Peanut butter and jelly with string cheese and cantaloupe
Soft pretzels with cheese and juice
Hot pockets, salad and fruit
Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls
Steaks, Baked Potatoes, and salad
Lemon chicken with rice and corn
Papa Murphy's pizza, cheesy bread and salad
Rotisserie chicken, macaroni salad and rolls and free tater babies
Chili and cornbread ans saltine crackers

Avocado Salsa and chips
Fruit sacks
Homemade Carmel popcorn
Chocolate chip zucchini bread
Skinny cow ice cream
Jello Jigglers


Bethany said...

I went to Smiths to get the lunchables. The coupon said it was for the ones with the water however I did not see that those were on sale. Are those the ones you used for your meal planning? They were still over $2 with the coupon.

Allison said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I love this information. It really helps me plan my meals for the week. Keep it coming!

Kira Rae said...

I have a request: what happened to the clean out your coupons weekly posts? That is the hardest part of this, figuring out which books for throw eash week. I would love it on Monday mornings, too. Just a thought, thanks.

Mitchell Family said...

Yes, we do need to update Tidy up Friday, there just haven't been any coupon booklets to throw away yet. Some of the coupons in the inserts don't expire until closer to November.

Mitchell Family said...

No I just bought lunchables without coupons

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