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The Results are In....

Thursday, October 15, 2009 |
Thanks for everyone who voted in last weeks She Shops Smart poll.
We asked you:

What Grocery Store is your Favorite?

And 319 of you weighed in.
Here are the results:

33% (107)of voters said that Smith's is their favorite

29% (90)of voters said that Macey's and ASF stores are their favorite

18% (60) of voters said that Albertson's is their favorite

12% (40) voters said that Walmart is their favorite

4% (15) of voters said that "other" is their favorite

We found this poll very interesting and informational. The majority of our readers are shopping at Smith's and Associated Food Stores. We wouldn't have guessed that, but maybe with Albertson's switching over it has changed people's preferences.

Last week Utah Deal Diva compared various grocery stores to see who had the lowest overall prices. She found that Smith's was where she spent the least amount of money on everyday items. Be sure to check out her results here.
That is good news for you readers because our poll showed that Smith's is where the majority of
you already prefer to shop! Keep it up because it appears to be your favorite and where you save the most money!

Thank you everyone for voting. Now Emily and I can pay better attention to unadvertised deals at your favorite stores, maybe we could even do a sample meal plan from both Associated foods and Smith's each week.

Be sure to vote in this weeks poll found up in the upper right hand corner of the page.

What is your Favorite Day of the week to Shop?


Cristi said...

Do you know why grocery smarts hasn't been doing anything for Harmon's the past couple weeks?

Annie Nielson said...

I think in your new poll, you should have two ways to vote. One should read, "When do you like to shop." The other should read, "When do you actually get to shop." haha

I would love to get to the store on Wednesday, the day the new sales start. Because I have two little ones and other time conflicts, I always find myself running to the grocery store Tuesday around 10:30pm :)

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