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Sunflower Market 2/24-3/2

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 |
Today is DOUBLE ad Wednesday, that means both the new ad and last weeks ad are valid today making for LOTS of great sale prices.  

From the new ad:

1lb baby peeled carrots, .87 (*****)
fresh ground bison, 4.97/lb
asparagus, .97/lb (I'm thinking *****, right?)
boneless skinless chicken breast, 1.77/lb (****)
broccoli crowns, .88/lb (****)
hothouse cucumbers or eggplants, .88 ea
3lb bag clementines, 3.77
iceburg or romaine lettuce or spinach, .88 ea (****)
cantaloupe or honeydew melons, 2.00 ea
cluster tomatoes, 1.50/lb
cauliflower, 1.50 ea
5lb bag russet potatoes, 1.50
3lb bag yellow onions, 1.50
Italian or Mexican grey squash, .88/lb
Braeburn, Jonagold, Cameo or Pink Lady apples, .88/lb (****)
Bosc, Anjou or red pears, .88/lb
Fresh Express garden salad or coleslaw 12-16oz, 1.00 (****)
fresh greens (collard, turnip, mustard or kale), 1.00
oranges, 1.00/lb
Westsoy soy milk plus calcium 32oz, .99 (****)

Organic produce:
roma tomatoes, .99/lb (****)
Hass avocados, 1.00 ea
Cameo apples, 1.00/lb
red or green leaf lettuce, 1.00 ea (****)
jewel or garnett yams, 1.00/lb

From the previous ad (prices good WED only):

navel oranges, .49/lb (*****)
Rio Red grapefruit, .13 ea (*****)
red or green leaf lettuce, .88 ea (****)
seedless watermelon, .50/lb
celery, .88
bunched spinach, .88
red potatoes, .50/lb
mild red onions, .50/lb
baby carrots 2lb bag, 2.00
russet potatoes 10lb bag, 2.00 (****)
romaine hearts 3pk, 2.00
large artichokes, 2.00
grape or cherry tomatoes 10oz, 2.00
beefsteak tomatoes, .99/lb
red/golden delicious or granny smith apples, .99/lb
long grain white or brown rice, .59/lb
bunched broccoli, .88/lb
fresh salmon fillets, 5.97/lb
lemons, .33 ea
red bell peppers, .88 ea
Silk almond milk 64oz, 2.50 (****)
top sirloin steak, 2.97/lb
large e-z peel raw shrimp 41/50ct, 2.97/lb
Organic Baby baby food 4oz, .69

[Prices taken from the Murray ad.] Thanks to PYP for the list

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