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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 |
Yesterday I was so excited to get up and grab a few random coupon deals around town. My list consisted of buying:

I made my way to my local Target and ran into a She Shops Smart reader that told me to not even bother going in because they were out of Toy Story and Monopoly.

My next thought was of course taking my ad and price matching at Walmart. Walmart quickly denied my request and told me they wouldn't price match the deal to get $10 off when you buy both Toy Story 1 and 2 because it was a gimmick. Monopoly was also gone =(

Leaving some what disappointed and frustrated I decided to take my ad to Best Buy to see if they would price match. I was thrilled when they did. They were so awesome about it and were happy to have my business.

I decided to try one last shot at getting the Monopoly game and ran into one more Walmart. Luckily, I asked the toy department manager and he had 50 of them in the back. He let me buy 3 of them (these will make great gifts).

I finished off the day with a trip to Smith's where my bill started off at $298 and ended up at $80!!!
( I'll do a A Lot for Less post after this)

I was excited to come home and see my loot, but was also frustrated with how difficult it was to find these hot bargains.

I called Emily to gripe and she just reminded me that DVD's and toys are just cool , but the main purpose of using coupons is to save money on groceries-which I absolutely do.

How many of you have been frustrated about not being able to find some of these cool deals? How many of you are frustrated that the stores are getting fed up with coupon abuse and cracking down on those of us who continue to use coupons the right way?

I actually am wondering if only the Walmarts in my area wouldn't price match, because my sister in law about 40 miles away from me had no problems getting the $10 off deal at her Walmart?
What have your experiences been with trying to find Toy Story and Monopoly?


dnafamily said...

I had started my little journey going to Toys R Us and they told me unless you pre-ordered it they didn't have any in stock and refused to do rain checks. I was packing 1 year old twins in a double stroller and a 2 1/2 year old into the store so I was so bummed they didn't have it and I knew the Babies R us by my house doesn't get blue-ray as they don't have the demand. I then went to Walmart in Midvale and they wouldn't accept it, they even told me that non of the walmarts would do it so your sister in law got a steal if hers did. I still got it with my coupon's, but I was so frustrated after lugging 3 of my 4 kids out to find the movies. I don't go out with them much because with 4 kids ages 4-1 it is too much. I had trouble last week with Princess and the Frog blue-ray combo so I really felt like maybe I should just preorder in the future...

Emily said...

I had a hard time finding the Toy Story movies as well. Toy's R Us was out and wouldn't be getting more. I called Target, they were out of Toy Story 2. Then I called the Wal-Mart in Midvale, they had both and held them for me. I had no problem price matching with the Toy's R Us ad and I also used the 2 $10.00 coupong. The most frustrating thing, besides stores being out of what you want, is knowing that you are being honest, but still being denied. Or having some deals work for some people and not for others. Like the fact that Midvale Wal-Mart let me get the movies, but other Wal-Mart's didn't and even the same location didn't work for other people.

Anonymous said...

Funny because we first went to toys r us, then to target, when neither one of those didn't have the movie, we went to best buy, and they said they would not price match the buy both price, so we decided to try Wal-mart. The checker got manager approval, and price matched it for us. Interesting how different it is for everyone, even at the same store.

Anonymous said...

Tori--how on earth did you get Powerade at Smith's---I went to the one in Provo and they didn't have ANY. They also didn't have any of the Irish Spring soap. They apologized for not having any of the items I was after (I had been about four times between last week and this morning)---they wouldn't give me a raincheck for the promotional price. Anyone else having similar experiences?

Molly said...

I went to Target (in Orem) right after they opened on Monday morning and they were all out of Monopoly games. They said they sold out on Sunday. They did have a few Connect 4's in the back, so I got those for $3 and they gave me a rain check for Monopoly. I was annoyed at some couponers who were trying to use the Target Web coupon for the Connect 4, when it clearly says Conect 4 x 4, which is a completely different game. I hope the abuse doesn't mess it up for everyone using coupons honestly. Is $3 really worth your integrity people?

As far as the DVDs go, you might want to check into pre-orders at Toys R Us in the future. I pre-ordered and the movies were saved for me. PLUS they had a deal for a FREE Disney movie with the pre-order. I got Snow White, TS1 and TS2 for $13.98, and I didn't have to get up super early to get it before it was gone.

Jenny said...

we lucked out and had a pre-order at orem toysrus but I felt bad for those who wanted it but they only had enough for pre-orders.

I found 4 random powerades on the holmes pepperoni display in Provo Smiths but otherwise it was wiped out by Thursday at 6am when I got there. how much were people buying?!

it is frustrating that each store (and employee) handles things differently. I almost just have to tell myself I can't expect anything so I'm not disappointed or (too) frustrated when deals are gone or won't work!!

Anonymous said...

I went to Smiths to get some of the promotional items but they were out of the Smart balance sour cream, out of the wesson oil, and out of the bumble bee tuna. I was very frustrated because they said they would get stocked up and didn't and I later found out they only get three loads a week and this was my third trip to the store. So I talked to the manager and she was very apologetic and took a list of my items and called me later to tell me it was all in and I could go pick it up. With coupons, most items were free and I had a $1 off coupon for the oil as well so I had a great shopping trip but it took several trips to the store, which takes away from the savings (gas and time and frustration). I noticed people were buying the powerade by the case loads, usually 8 cases in their cart!
Recently, the wall street journal had an article on couponing. It mentioned that someone was able to get over 1,500 (yes over a thousand) boxes of jello for free with coupons and built a 6 foot tower with it (it showed the picture in the paper). If that is not coupon abuse, I do not know what is. The individual ended up donating them to a shelter. A lady was able to get over 200 bottles of propel water for free as well with coupons. She did not even have room for them.Obviously, some people become compulsive shoppers and just the idea of getting something free thrills them even though they do not need it. The sad part was that the jist of the article was that couponers are just crazy people that go through great lengths to get freebies and then post them proudly on blogs. I have seen the same thing go on around here. Almost a month ago, I went to Reams to buy some sale items and they were out of chips when I asked the cashier about their stock she mentioned that one shopper had come through the line with two cart filled to the top with chips! So we all need to show some courtesy and buy what we actually use. I have read so many times in various blogs that "it is time to donate some stuff because there is no more room in the storage" which means they buy stuff because its free or dirt cheap even though they do not use it.

Jamie said...

This has nothing to do with that, but I tried 4 Rite Aids for Huggies diapers and they were all out in all stores. Not a fun couponing day for me!

Anonymous said...

I have been to the Smith's on 9400 S 2000 E in Sandy and their Powerade is restocked constantly. I was there twice this week and they had a HUGE display at the back of the store. Good thing is: it is on sale again this week.

Diana and Fam said...

I have found that it just depends on the cashier that you get at Walmart. I waited in line before ToysRus even opened to be told they had presold them all and had none for anyone to buy. Totally bummed about that. So I ran to Walmart and they sold them to me at the same price. I too had to get my monoploy at Walmart priced match due to Target being out. I haven't ever had a problem with Walmart price matching but I try really hard to go to the store with the sell. But I also have a little saying that goes like this. "If it is there then it is meant to be!" I use this with all things even groceries. And it helps me not be so frustrated!

Nancy said...

I feel the same way that Kat does. I enjoy using coupons but it frustrates me to no end when I get to the store to find out that they are out. You think stores would realize and have more on hand especially how popular coupons are in this economy.

MandBfamerly said...

I went to the Orem Wal-mart. They only had one of each of the toy storys left but the cashier was fine giving me the deal from Toys R us. And I didnt even have my ad.( I had Forgotten it) But I heard that the Saratoga Springs one was being a pain about doing it.

Brooke said...

I went to Target to get the Toy Story movies and they were out of the first one. They were completely out of games also. I tried Walmart in Riverton and they had plenty of movies and I got the connect four, but they were out of monopoly. The cashier knew that I wanted to price match the movies before I even asked and he knew the price. Said he had done it a hundred times already that day! Even though I was frustrated because Target was out of everything, it turned out okay. I'm sorry other people have had a hard time price-matching at walmart!

Anonymous said...

This is a response to the lady complianing about other women and couponing. I'm sorry, but you don't know the needs of other women and their families. To you it might seem like she is over buying, but maybe they eat a lot of that item(s). If you want to get the deals that everybody else is getting then get out of bed and be at the store when the coke truck pulls up with the powerade's and all the other items that are on your shopping list.

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