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Kindness Matters

Monday, April 26, 2010 |


As I get the house back in order today after a busy weekend playing, I seem to have done a little bit more spring cleaning that I planned on. I was cleaning up the cupboards and found quite a few things that I will not be able to use before the expiration date, as well as some things that I picked up FREE with coupons. What will I be doing with them? Well, Harmons Grocery stores have donation bins that makes donating so easy. Thats where the items I cleaned out will be going.  When there is a week where items at the store become free items I will often pick them up and then just take them to a donation bin on my way home. If your spring cleaning involves rotating your shelves keep in mind that things you are not going to use (before their exp. date) or are just stocked to heavily in can be donated and you will be helping others!  I normally only think of donating to food banks at the holidays, but they are ALWAYS taking donations. For a list of the foods they need right now click here. There is a list of guidelines if you are wondering what would be ok to give, and whats not. Click here for more information on that. For a list of drop off locations click here
I love it when a situation is a win-win!  Now I have tidier cupboards and get to do something nice. With my coupon use I have been able to keep my cupboards FULL of food which I am so thankful for, and love that I can help others a little bit too. Have you come up with some creative uses for items you picked up for free, or dirt cheap? Shower gifts, funny moments using free things? Tell us about it! 

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