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Last Day to Take Advantage of Smith's Coupon Event

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 |
Just a reminder that today, Tuesday May 18th, is the last day to use your coupons during Smith's Mega Coupon event!

Smiths is rounding coupons that are under $1 to equal $1 off. So .20, .35., .50 and all manufactures coupons under a $1.00 will come off as $1 off at the register! If a coupons say .25/1 Smith's will round it up to $1/1. That is like quadrupling a coupon! No coupon over $1 will be doubled.

I was able to purchase the above for $58.40. I saved $155.66.

I already put away my cold stuff, so I did also buy some milk, lettuce, Sunny D, Jello cups and eggs.
Pinching Your Pennies complied a great list of items that will be dirt cheap after coupons!

While I was checking out I was chatting with some of the Smith's employees and I asked them if they thought we might see events like this more often and they said they might. They told me it is a possibility that every Sunday-Tuesday we might be able to double coupons like this. Wouldn't that be amazing. Let's keep out fingers crossed. I also asked about their online coupon policy being under review and they said it is. Most likely they will no longer be allowing online coupons anymore. They said that there has just been too many fraudulent online coupons. I don't use online coupons anymore, but I know a lot of people would be disappointed. At one point Macey's had to make the same policy, but as of Aug. last year they started accepting them once again. Let's hope for the best.


Julie said...

That would be awesome if they did double coupon deals every week!!

Tammy said...

So dissapointed in my Smith's (St. George) today. After putting out their shipment they were still out of; Wacky Mac, Suddenly Salad, Sunny D, Bounty Basic, Fiber One 90 Cal Bars, & Egglands Best. They had just gotten their non-foods shipment and said they should have the Cover Girl stuff out by this evening.

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