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Fun in the Sun-Healthy Family Tip

Friday, July 2, 2010 |
If you're planning to have some fun in the sun this weekend remember to take the sun screen. I was looking at the store display of all the different levels and could not decide what to buy. If you have ever wondered the same thing then here is a little bit of info about sunscreen.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The number you see associated with SPF represents the length of time you can stay out in the sun without burning, multiplied by the corresponding number. The SPF is a laboratory derived ratio which measures the increased amount of radiation which causes redness in skin when the sunscreen tested is applied, compared to when it is not used at all. For example if it takes 10 minutes for unprotected skin to show redness, then an SPF15 sunscreen correctly applied, will take 15 times as long or 150 minutes to burn. This and lots of other great info found on, and

Then there are a few other factors you do need to take into account:
-Clothing rubbing against skin, playing in water, or sweat can all make it wear off faster.
-Fair Skin burns easily and should have sunscreen reapplied more often- My little one hates sunscreen but a minute of fighting while applying it is better than a sunburned little kid!
-The temperature, and if you are in direct sun or in the shade
Remember that its much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to using sunblock!

If you need to pick up some sunscreen I found an online coupon to use!
Coppertone $1/1. It is on sale this week at Smiths so combine the sale and coupon for a great price!

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