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Double Coupon Days Show and Tell

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 |
Yes, I am totally addicted to a good sale. I live so close to the grocery stores too it's hard not to drive by while running other errands and know I have double coupons in my purse to use, so yes I ran in a couple times to make my coupons worth their value. Here is what I walked away with.
Monday Night
2 Bags Santinas Chips
1 container m&m cookies (my 2 year old was with me and insisted on these)
1 culinary circle rotisserie chicken with rolls and macaroni salad
2 containers land o lakes butter
2 containers ice cream
1 tree top apple juice
1 box Kraft bagefuls
Out Of Pocket $12.30 (plus I found a $10 off beer(no purchase necessary) rebate in the deli aisle!) so it made my total $2.30
Saved $37.80
Saved 76%

Tuesday Night
2 Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergents
3 steam fresh vegetables
1 ready cooked bacon
2 packages Kraft singles cheese
8 packs Wrigley's gum
1 Kraft Ranch salad dressing
8 boxes planters peanut bars (I bought them for my 72 hour kits!)
4 rolls toilet paper
1 McCormick's chicken taco seasoning
Total 18.43
Saved 64.48
That's a 78% savings

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