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Show and Tell

Thursday, March 19, 2009 |
Abbie was an old neighbor and friend of mine and came to my very FIRST class! Here is what she walked away with from her last shopping trip! Way to go Abbie!!!!
2 boxes frosted flakes
2 boxes apple jacks
2 boxes fruit loops
4 (big boxes) pop tarts
12 bottles powerade
4 tubes clogate toothpaste
4 pkg dixie paper plates
4 pkg wrigleys gum *FREE*
At Albertson I spent $10.25 including tax
At Smiths I spent $13.44 including tax
Total out of pocket spent $23.69
MFG coupon savings $23.60
Fresh Values/Preferred Savings $34.79
Bonus Buy Savings $5.38
That is an average of .69 cents per item!!!!!!!!!

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