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How I like to Shop

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 |
I had so many comments on my show and tell this week that I wanted to show you guys they way I would shop this sale to get the lowest cost at the checkout!

If I was purchasing anything from the PG promo (spend 20 and get $5 back on you next shopping order (oynso)) I would buy that first. I would get to as close to $20 as possible, I am talking not more than a dollar fifty-two dollars over. I would pay my money, then a $5 coupon would print off.

If I was buying 2 of the Land O Lakes butter that prints a .50 cent of coupon I would then buy those two items. I would pay and then get handed a .50 cent off coupon.

I would then proceed to make the rest of my purchases. After all my other items rang up I would be sure that if I was participating in the Nestles or Dannon Promo that $2 for every $10 came off my bill. I would then hand over my coupons, then I would hand over the $5 off coupon and .50 cent of coupon that printed from my previous transactions. Also don't forget the $5 of $30 coupons you received in the mail, when you signed up on Albies PYP list (sorry, if you missed it it is over now =( ).

By rolling my Catalinas I am saving $5.50 at checkout instead of walking home with a $5.50 coupon. Either way you'll get $5.50 off, I just like to see my savings instantly at checkout!

I promise you will get super good at checking out and getting the least cost out of pocket at the register. It takes some trial and error. I love to tell how awful I was in the beginning. I remember going home and crying my first couple weeks after trying to get the hang of maximizing my savings. My husband actually turned to me and said "maybe its just not for you." At that point I was determined to make it work. I just had to think about "maximizing my savings" all the time. The grocery stores are fully aware that separate transactions happen. Don't be afraid to make multiple transactions to get the most at checkout! Good Luck Gals! Look at me from tears, to teaching you guys! Anything is possible!

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ae said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that struggled at first. My last trip I spent $11 and saved $59, though I forgot to handle them two $1 off coupons I meant to use, so it could have been even better.
I'm doing great, but I always seem to miss one or two things, or get the wrong size at first, or forget one coupon, stuff like that. Hopefully I'll keep getting better at this.
Thanks for all your help!

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