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In-Store Ad Coupons

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 |
What does in store-ad coupon mean?
The grocery stores change their ads weekly. They come in your mail on Tuesdays. If you aren't receiving them, ask to be put on their mailing list, or pick them up at the front of the store. Sometimes they are kept at customer services desk, or near the self checkout!

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Our story said...

I feel like an idiot, all this time I was grabing more of the ads at the front of the store and cutting them out if I was buying more than one of the items like I bought 8 of the noodles that were on sale and the lady this last time told me that they only need one and just tell them how many you bought and they will scan it over and over again.oops.Well that will be much easier then cutting them out in the middle of the store.Just thought I would share my story.

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