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Sunday, May 31, 2009 |

So I have been telling people about the SLT/DMN paper in my classes, so I thought I better share this info with my readers as well. The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret Morning News are a STATEWIDE paper. This means that a lot of times if a company wants to advertise with a paper chances are it will be the SLT/DMN. They are much larger and well known. This means that those people subscribed to this paper will have some extra coupons that local papers will not include in their paper. A great example is this weeks double coupons found only in the SLT/DMN papers or even the SLC 3/22 smiths coupons that had only been included in the SLT paper. I don't want you local subscribers to miss out on those extra coupons, so I have been subscribing people to one SLT/DMN paper, so then you do not miss out on those extra coupons. If you are wanting a paper feel free to call me and I can help you get set up with a GREAT deal on a Sunday only paper to the trib or DMN papers. This way you will never miss out on those EXTRA deals or coupons!!!!!!

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