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Bonus Pretzel

Monday, June 1, 2009 |

National Pretzel Brand Offers Bonus Pretzel with Purchase of Three

Pretzelmaker® / Pretzel Time® announced today that customers who buy three pretzels will get a fourth pretzel free now through July 27. Both brands are managed by NexCen Franchise Management, Inc., a subsidiary of NexCen Brands, Inc.

Pretzelmaker / Pretzel Time, which have launched a series of engaging promotions including Pretzel Dogs Kick Bun, Bites with Bling and Combo*Nation!, are proud to offer guests a summer incentive with the companies’ extra pretzel offer. The brands are enticing customers with an offer to buy three soft pretzels and “Score!” one more.

“Our average customer prefers to order more than one pretzel,” said Jenn Johnston, senior vice president brand marketing, NexCen Franchise Management. “Whether the customer is a stroller mom with multiple mouths to feed or a teenager with an endless appetite, we feel that the bonus offer provides our loyal customers with a satisfying incentive.”

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