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Bottled Water

Friday, June 19, 2009 |
I was watching that "Here Comes the NewleyWed's" show and the boys were asked to say what their wives wasted the most money on. Most husbands replied with shoes, jewelry and clothes. The one husband shouted out "bottled water!". I thought that was so funny, because in our family my husband insists on bottles of water and I always try and make him re-use the bottles over and over. I guess this is why this find was so exciting for me!

Nestle Pure Life water is running a summer promo to make sure everyone is staying hydrated in the hot sun! Here!

Any of the following NestlĂ©® Pure Life® Purified Water Participating Products between 4/1/09 and 9/30/09 :
.5-Liter 20-Packs,
8 oz. 24-packs,
.5-Liter 24-Packs
.5-Liter 30-Packs of NestlĂ©® Pure Life® Purified Water

Save original cash register receipt(s), dated between 4/1/09 and 9/30/09. On each receipt, please circle the Participating Product(s) purchased.
Cut out one (1) UPC bar code from each Participating Product package, found on the top panel of the outer shrink-wrap of pack, and save with corresponding cash register receipt.

Mail in This form
Click here.

Lots of options, but my favorite was "For every 3 UPC’s You Send In, You will receive a Coupon for a Free Case of Water up to a $4.99 Value"
I figure if I am already buying it I mine as well use something like this to help ease my cringe every time I buy bottles of water.
Here is an online coupon for $1/one case and a few other coupons.


Anonymous said...

There is a link for Nestle on PYP - printing pennies - you sign up and will get a $1 off Nestle Pure Life Water

Mitchell Family said...

Thanks, I'll add it to the post!

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