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Wednesday's Weekly Show and Tell

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 |
Here are some awesome Show and Tells this week:
Brittany bought:

-3 Breyers ice cream .80 each
-3 Wish Bone salad dressing .15 each
-3 Wish Bone spritzers FREE
-6 Chex Mix Bag .67 each
-4 Ragu sauce .30
-3 Dial hand soap .65
-9 General Mills Cereal .87 each
-4 ALL Liquid detergent 2.30 each
-6 Suddenly salads .50
Spent: 32.00
Saved: 88.00

Marinda had a great week too:

Spent $68.57
Saved $79.52
And walked away with aother $5/off next shopping trip coupon from the catalina machine.

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Rachael said...

These are inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

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