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Pure Joy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 |
One of my favorite parts of sharing with you readers what I know is watching what you DO with it. In the recent months here are some of the favorite things I have been told about shopping smart.

"I am going on vacation and planning my list while we are there. I am going to get 6 toothbrushes and 6 toothpastes for FREE in CALIFORNIA"
Amy in Lehi- that seriously made my night!

"I had a nightmare about coupons. First, I left them at home and then when I did finally get them everything was gone that I wanted!"
Susan in Layton
I have dreams all the time about coupons too Susan!

"I love showing my mother-in-law that my food storage looks nicer than hers now."
Lana in Provo

"I can't wait to get home from grocery shopping and take a picture of what I bought. I need to start a scrapbook for all my grocery purchases!"
Kristi in Mapelton

"Last Sunday I thought the coupons were so great I went to the gas station and bought 20 extra papers"
Ashley in Salt Lake

"My husband told me NO more cereal"
Yes, this one is me

"I stalk the She Shops Smart blog 100 times waiting for the preview list"
Jana in Nephi

"Wednesday mornings are like my mini Christmas morning."
Sherri in Lehi

"My kid's told me no more Macaroni and Cheese"
Candi in Payson

"All the Albertson's checkers no my preferred savings card number by heart I go so often"

"My basement food storage looks like it's own little grocery store!"
Lindsey in Manti

These comments made my day and I know I am missing a ton. Keep em coming..........


preparednesspro said...

So cool! I recently discovered couponing this year and have been amazed. I have literally been building my food storage on little or no money. In fact, I was just canning some steak over the weekend and $15 worth of it I'd gotten for free!

Mitchell Family said...

That is cool. I didn't know you could can steak. If you are interested I would love to have you do a guest post for me about it!

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