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The Store is Out Again! What Should I Do?

Thursday, July 23, 2009 |

Okay, so what do we do when we get to the store and EVERYTHING on our list was gone?
You have SOOO many different options to choose from:

# 1) Price match
The most common store to price match at is Walmart. You need to be sure you have the ad with you in case they ask to see the price you are matching. Walmart will match qualifing competitors stores ads. When you are price matching you have to make sure it is the exact brand, size and quantity that the product in the ad is for. You may also price match a name brand product to a WF or GV brand product as long as it is the same size. You can also use a coupon with an item you are price matching.
The only thing you can not price match is a % off item, a BOGO or B1G1 item and other promotions such as spend $25 get $10 OYNSO.
This is also a great option for someone who likes to use the "all in one" grocery smarts list. Instead of going from store to store head to your Walmart and get it all in one stop!
Target has also started price matching. It is a fairly new decision they have made, so I am unsure of all the details, but I would assume that their rules would be similar to that of Walmarts. Be sure to call and ask your store if you have questions about price matching.

# 2) Prepay/ Special Order
If you know that you want an item and it isn't on the shelf talk to a manager about special ordering the item you would like to purchase. You can also ask if you can prepay for the item (especially for an item that you want and you know there is a catalina that goes with it) and pick it up when it comes in. I myself have never tried either of these tips, but because I use tip #3 the most, but it's worth a try.

# 3) Shop on the days when you know your store restocks
Most grocery stores sales start on Wednesday mornings. That means when you get there at 6am everything would be there. I myself don't even think about getting out of bed until 9am, so this was an awful idea for me. Most weeks I do my shopping on Wednesday evenings and get everything on my list. If I can't make it on Wednesday I know my store stocks there shelves again on Saturdays. So, I would try to make it that day. Every store stocks at different times, so never hesitate to ask your store when they do. Let them know you are looking for a certain item and that you would like to purchase it when it is on sale and ask them when during that week they plan on getting more in.

# 4) Get a Rain check
If an item is out and you are willing to just wait until the next week to pick it up, request a rain check. A rain check holds the sale price for 30 days. If an item is still not in stock in 30 days, you can request another rain check. Before you request a rain check be sure to make sure your coupons don't expire before your next visit. Otherwise, the rain check will probably be worthless to you if you can't combine it with your coupons.


Catherine said...

Thanks for the tips! This will really help! :)

Erin said...

I'm excited to start using your program, but I have to admit the biggest down fall for me is that you said you shop primarily at Albertsons, and I used to live right across the street from there and was able to go there early, but still there were TONS of mom's with carts full and they never seemed to plan well for their sales, so hopefully when I get started and I don't get frustrated with the store.

Mitchell Family said...

This works at every grocery store, so if you find that one doesn't work for you then shop at a store that you like. That is what I love about this! It works EVERYWHERE!

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