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50% off at Payless Shoes

Thursday, October 29, 2009 |
Today, Payless Shoes announced on the Oprah Show that they are giving away 50% off your entire purchase coupons! The offer is good from now until October 30, so I guess until tomorrow night at closing! Wow, what a fun night we are going to have trying on new shoes! See you there!
You can either print off your coupon or have it "texted" (is that a word?) to your phone. You can find the coupon or text here on the Oprah website!
Thanks SheShopsSmart reader Stephanie for the SMART find =)
With this deal being as sweet as it is there is a TON of people taking advantage! The lines are VERY VERY long. Just thought we would give you a little heads up so if youre planning on going you can plan accordingly.


MiriamR said...

I just started following your site. LOVE IT! Thanks for this one! My husband needs some new work shoes so this will be perfect.

Anonymous said...

The Payson Payless was so crazy that I even got hit in the eye with a shoe box. Now that is what I call sacraficing for a great deal. I got 4 pair of little girls snow boots, 2 pair of little girls fashion boots, 1 pair of womens fashion boots, 1 pair of boys Sunday shoes, 1 pair of girls Sunday shoes, a womens hat, a pair of womens sunglasses 10 pair of childrens socks and 2 pair of girls tights for $144.00. What a GREAT deal!!

Mitchell Family said...

That is awesome you guys! I went to the one in AF and the line was 2 hours long! I couldn't stay that long so I had to leave my stuff behind =( I am glad it paid off for you though!

Anonymous said...

I live in New Mexico and when I went into my payless, there was No ONE there! I had the store all to myself and it was awesome!!! The shelves were fully stocked and lots of clearance that was a great deal after the 1/2 off, especially! Thanks! I don't have cable so I saw this deal on your website. Thanks again!

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