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Thinking Outside the "JUG"

Thursday, October 29, 2009 |
Last week as I shopped at Utah's newest grocery store, Winco, I found that they had many great deals in their big bulk bins. You just scoop your items out, put them in the plastic bag and weigh them. I ended up with long white rice for only .50 cents a pound. I couldn't help but wonder if I bought items in bulk how I would be able to store the beans, rice, spices and sugar. I have been saving my empty milk jugs cleaning them out and using them to hold my purchases. I love that it didn't even cost me a cent! Last night when I made rice it poured out so easily too! Just make sure you clean out your jug super good and that it dries before you put in anything. Here is an article I found that shares 35 ways to use empty milk jugs! Food Storage Made Easy shares an incredible way to stuff a 72-hour kit into a milk jug! Seriously, check it out! I can't wait to try this! What are some of the ways you have used your empty cartons and jars that you have laying around? One thing I like to do is save all the empty boxes and I let my kids play grocery store with them. I put the prices on them with a sticky label , so I can incorporate some mathematics into their play time. Maybe you use your cereal boxes as magazine holders. Maybe you store water in your milk jugs. Think outside the box or "jug" and share your ideas with us!

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