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A Lot for Less

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 |
I got so busy putting my groceries and things away last week that I forgot to post my show and tell and show how much I was able to buy with coupons, and using Smiths Mega Event that was going on. Here is what I came home with last week.

1 Tylenol
10 Gatorades
2 V-8 Juices
1 Welches Juice
2 Heinz Ketchups
6 Boxes of Kleenex
3 Boxes Swiss Miss
8 Carnation Evap. Milk
4 Boxes Uncle Bens Rice
6 Cans Del Monte Tomatoes
6 Tombstone Pizzas-husbands fav
4 Boxes Zesta Crackers
2 Bags of Fritos-another one of hubbys fav
2 Duncan Hines Frostings

Spent 51.50
Saved 91.21
I also had to buy a couple of things that were not all on sale but we had to have like:
milk, bread, and some fruit and veggies. That night my total including those things (which are not in the above picture) came to 68.09 and savings of 98.45. I get so excited every week that I shop when I see that I was able to save so much money on the things that I was buying for my family! I love it!

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