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Real Savings

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 |
Where are your savings? No, I dont want you tell me where you do you banking or hide your cash. ;) I mean, are the savings just numbers on your receipt in the "you saved" section or are you putting it away? When I started using grocery smarts I was accustomed to spending much much more at the grocery store. When my budget first started to cut down, I was very excited and would take the money that normally would have been spent on groceries and save it for something else. Then recently I was looking over some of my more recent receipts and realized that after I looked at how much I have saved, I don't always remember to take that "saved" money out of the wallet and into the savings account. This means that I havent actually saved the money. I purchase something for less than full price but the savings are real till the money that would have been spent is used on something else. We all know that you havent really "saved" $100.00 unless you take that money out of the wallet and put it into savings. So, here is my question... are your saving tangible? or are they just another line on the reciept? What are you doing with the money saved?

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Anonymous said...

I always look at the bottom of the receipt and add up just the coupons that I used. Then I put that money into a seperate savings accout. Which I call Moms money. Then at the end of the year, I use that money to buy Christmas. I have done this for the past 3 years, and it really helps when Christmas, or birthdays come around. I already have the money, and don't have to stress about where Christmas is coming from. My family also picks a family and gives them money at Christmas time. Last year we were able to help 2 families. I love coupons.
Jera Foster

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