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Monday, November 16, 2009 |
By now you have found that you are bringing home TWICE the amount of groceries for HALF the cost. With all those extra groceries we end up with twice the amount of bags we use to.

What do you do with all those plastic grocery shopping bags?

  1. Keep them in a giant pile underneath my sink
  2. Use them as garbage bags
  3. Recycle them

Be sure to include your answer in this weeks poll in the upper right hand corner!


Marie said...

How about an option to list "I take my own to the grocery store!" I am hoping that more and more people are buying the reusable bags and then reusing them like they are supposed to versus always coming home with the plastic bags from the grocery store!

Missie said...

I second the comment above. I rarely end up with plastic grocery bags because I have so many wonderful, reusable bags!

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