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Meal Planning Resolution

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 |
( Photo courtesy of This Week for Dinner)

This year one of my resolutions is to be a little bit more solid in the area of meal planning. Some weeks I have done really well in the past, but then there is those other weeks where I didnt even try. I was looking for recipes and found a site I really like called "this week for dinner". The site is run by a woman named Jane, who has a post DARING her readers to make meal planning a resolution. I am going to take her dare! If you are wondering, while I am typing this I am actually thinking- "oh boy- publically admitted it, now I have to follow it! yikes....

I am not a super decisive person (Tori is probably laughing as she reads this- I am more of a super undecisive person.) This for me means, meal planning is something I struggle with because I worry that I wont be "in the mood" for what I have planned for dinner. I do know however, that it is one very effective way of cutting down the grocery budget. When you plan the meals you are able to make sure you are using up what you buy, and not having tons of extra "this and that". When in addition you are following the grocery smarts way of shopping, suddenly the grocery bills can really be dropping. On "This Week for Dinner" she gives some other reasons to meal plan. The reason I love the most is you are not stressed when its dinner time. You have a plan, and all you have to do is follow it!

On her site Jane has a free download available for a meal planning sheet from "Whoops Bunny" that is sooo cute. I am totally a sucker for cool/cute paper products. I love notepads, cards, wrapping paper, etc.

So, this is one freebie I LOVE, plus it looks really cute hanging on my magnet board.
To check her site, and access the free downloadable meal planning sheet click here.


Rachael said...

Funny you posted this. I have been doing my meal planning today and it is one of my resolutions too! Good luck! I am indecisive when it comes to dinner.

Jenny said...

makes life so much easier! and the nice thing is if you have meals planned out and assigned to certain days (and either have all the ingredients in your pantry or on sale that week to purchase) you can easily switch days around if something doesn't sound good or you're not in the mood to cook a certain thing. It's amazing--dinner has become much more flexible since I have 1-2 weeks planned out and enough meal ideas that we have most ingredients for, that I could probably almost plan 1+ months right now. good for you! good luck, all the planning up front is SO worth it each day!!

Erin said...

since starting this whole couponing thing I've been doing more meal planning, but it doesn't mean it's set in stone, if wake up not feeling like what's on the schedule or something comes up that makes that meal not work, you can always look a day or two ahead and switch things around. good luck!

Traci said...

Same here! My trouble is I keep it all in my head. I need to actually write it down! I'm definitely going to check out that link!

Casey and Jana said...

Just wondering when you will be doing your weekly meal plan again. I was just starting to learn this when you stopped. It was very helpful for me. Thanks for all the efforts you guys go through to help shopping easier for the rest of us.

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