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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 |
Before I learned about grocery smarts I would DREAD going grocery shopping. I hated hearing the total at the checkout. After learning about the system, I found a whole new attitude and opinion on the topic of grocery shopping. Now its like a game that I am excited to play each week to see how much money I can save. Hearing the total is now my favorite part. I still take pictures on weeks I feel proud of myself for the savings! Tori and I love sharing with you what we have saved, but what we really love is hearing from our readers! We want to see your pictures! Don't pretend there has not been a week where you felt really proud of yourself, and the total savings your had! We know youve have had one! We also know you probably took a picture of it! :) So, dont be shy! Tell us about those weeks, and send us a picture of what your scored! We would love for you to show and tell, so we can feature it on the blog, and show others how you were able to purchase "a lot for less" using grocery smarts! Send us a picture, along with your total spent vs saved to Tori and I at our email-

We cant wait to see your pictures and savings totals!

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